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  1. A few of the guys in the USA are into doing engine swops for the 3S-GTE, mainly cos they can't get the GT4. I think if you are going to go that route, you would be better off getting a GT4. Much simplier plus you get 4 wheel drive. :D
  2. JonboyGB


    There is a great place in Southampton, not to far for you. They also install nitrous and superchargers! Japspeed Racing
  3. Hello The only way to get it over 200bhp is to either supercharger it or use nitrous! Less extreme methods are as follows: de-cat pipe, induction kit or cold air intake, use Optimax! These won't get you over 200, but they will make your car more responsive. A good contact for supercharging, nitrous, inductions and CAI is Japspeed Racing HTH :D
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    Can't believe I’ve only just found out about this club. I’m usually on the www.Celica-Club.co.uk I own a Celica GT ST202 (1995). Its my pride and joy! I’ve had it for about 2 and half years now. Nearly doubled its mileage and its still going strong (no suprise there!). Anyway, hello all. Below are some pics of the car. See you all at JAE :D
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