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  1. Hi - The guage is supposed to remain at the correct level when the ignition is turned off... My '96 Carina does the same. Also lists it as a feature in the handbook. If you're saying that it never changes from the 1/2 mark, regardless of how much fuel there really is, well then you may have more of a problem!
  2. The Haynes manual was fine when I did mine (admittedly '97 model...)
  3. Graeme's saved me the trouble of asking exactly the same question! What should you be paying for Michelin Energy's on average - I've seen prices varying wildly... Are some quoting for a set of 2, do you think..? Cheers
  4. Err.. This is presumably oil consumption! I had an '88 Carina II, that was about 28mpg (1.6l). Not great but certainly not too bad... Oh, and that never burnt a drop of oil in the 20k miles or so that I owned it for.
  5. Now why didn't I think of that..! :D
  6. I'm afraid I don't know how to get hold of an overseas version... You could similar websites anyway - you tend just to fill in details of what you want and see what quotes you get. You never know, you might find one that'll ship or be able to source from overseas. Other than that I'm not sure what to suggest... BTW where are you from? Is it a UK car? - might help someone else come up with a solution for you...
  7. It was my Uni logon for the PC's... 'ph' for physics then three random letters... Short and fairly simple and means I don't get too much :censor: spam in my hotmail account!
  8. Hmm.. Toyota no longer print these and don't keep any back copies, I got mine from http://car-parts-finder.co.uk but it took a few days... If its urgent, maybe we can help with whatever info you need from it? phues
  9. phues

    New Owner

    Hi johnson, welcome to the club! I too have a 1.8 Carina E '96 with F.S.H and similar milage... Unfortunately (fortunately, maybe?!) I've never heard of this problem, though I have found that the alarm is rather sensitive... Goes off even when I'm washing it! BTW Does anyone know how to lock the car without priming the alarm? I wonder whether your alarm/key have got out of sync somehow - apparently this happens if the buttons are pressed a few too many times outside of the car's range... I'm pretty sure the handbook describes how to sort this. Must be worth giving it a go... Otherwise try phoning Toyota - they can *occasionally* be helpful! Apart from this you really should have many years of trouble free motoring ahead as the Carina E is a great car and as reliable as they come
  10. Had a very similar problem in my Carina E - turned out just to be a build up of brake dust... But you say all looks immaculate? Otherwise I agree with sjrainsford about the shims being a possiblity, although you'd think they'd have checked that at the dealer. If all else fails maybe you should take it to an independed brake specialist... Good luck anyway, mate. It's !Removed! annoying having your brakes squealing at you all the time!
  11. Well, I think that pretty much settles it - taking the dash apart and shelling out a fiver just for a bulb is definitely too much just for a light which tells me pretty much what I know already..! Thanks for all your help & advice guys, much appreciated!
  12. No odd noises at all (other than what comes out of the stereo ) - runs sweet as; even with 86k on the clock (does have a FSH). Only thing I can see myself having to spend my hard earned cash on in the near future is the driver's side e. window... Winds up verrrryy slowly! Is the indicator 'hidden' in the same way as the low fuel light (little orange square next to the fuel guage) in that you can't see it unless it lights up..? I don't think I'll take the dash apart (how hard is this, btw??) just to change the bulb... maybe at the next service or something... Cheers phues.
  13. Ah well, I'm sure it would only tell me I'm driving too fast most of the time anyway!! Cheers guys!
  14. I've got a 1.8 Carina E with the ariel just above the head... Drove around for ages having bought it not noticing that it extended a good 2 feet longer than I had it Felt a bit of a prat really, but at least the radio reception is now crystal clear! So go ahead mate, give it a tug Otherwise, I assume a connector on the head unit's not loose - had a similar problem with an old Carina II...
  15. Hi guys, I've noticed that a fair few posts have mentioned a dashboard economy light on the Carina E... I have a 1.8 GS 7A-FE '96 model, and can't say that I've ever noticed one! Now since I don't drive like a loony ALL the time :D and seem to get excellent fuel economy (400m per tank ish) it can't be cos it's drinking petrol... Where would this light be? Is it labled or what (if not, maybe the bulb has gone!) ? Or is this just for the higher spec models? Cheers!
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