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  1. Happy Birthday davidg!

  2. Hi Water has leaked into my fog light and corroded the shiny metallic coating, it looks a mess and it's about time I did something about it. So where can I get a replacement? Fitting it isn't a problem I just need to order the part. See pic attached - it's the driver side. Cheers Dave
  3. one of my fog lights has some moisture leaking in, as a result the inner chrome bit has gone all mouldy and damaged. how do i get the whole fog lamp off so i can replace the inner case? and where can i get a replacement part? thanks
  4. I change my front brake pads and it was quite easy and I guess that it's a similar procedure for the rear ones. Check this guide for more info: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=56738&st=0 (Not Yaris T-Sport specific though). thats great! thanks very much, really appreciate it :D
  5. I'm going to attempt to change my rear brake pads. Ive bought the pads now I just need the knowlege. Can someone point me in the direction of an online step by step guide with photo's and clear instructions? Thanks very much.
  6. I also need a CV joint replaced. The clicking noise is annoying. My local independent garage quoted £130 for x1 aftermarket CV joint (plus shaft) OR £300+ for the proper Toyota part. Not including labour. I've also noticed those ones on ebay, so I'm still thinking about what to do. I think rallybunny is right, you have to replace the whole assembly if the actual joint is knackered (like mine). However if its just the rubber boot that has perished then you can getaway with just replacing it and repacking the joint with grease to stop the bearings rattling, which is what happened to my old saxo.
  7. Hi, can someone please tell me if ACE is a good make of alloy wheels? Are they cheap compared to others? Ive currently got oz racing wheels but one is buckled and ive seen these ace ones second hand that'll fit my yaris. thanks.
  8. thanks for the reply. They do look nice in my opinion but i guess i just want to know if ACE is a good quality brand or not? I've never heard of the make before so as soon as someone can vouch for them, then ill be happy :)
  9. well are they? ive seen a second hand set with good tires and think they'll look good on my yaris. I dont know much about alloy wheel brands, ive got oz racing ones at the moment but one of them is buckled apparently. Is ACE a good make or are they cheapo/uncool? thanks very much guys.
  10. cheers for the advice. im gonna have a think about it.
  11. For those who are interested i got a quote from my local independent garage: £70 for the anti-roll bar links +£40 labour = £130 I was looking at the ones on ebay - thanks nickp8 - i could buy these myself, get them fitted and save 50 quid?? I was also quoted £130 for x1 aftermarket cv joint (plus shaft) OR £300+ for the proper Toyota part... hmm think i'll be taking PhilGee's advice on that one.
  12. yup clicking sound is exactly it, but only when turning right. ive got it booked in for new brake pads this weekend so i'll get him to have a look at the joints at the same time. i'll let you know what he quotes me. im hoping a bit of grease will sort it, i cant really afford to replace both the links and cvs. it's a 52 reg so getting on for 7 years old...
  13. im not really getting any banging, crashing or knocking sounds but i do get the occasional 'pulling' sensation. ive had problems with cv joints in the past with my old saxo so ive been deliberately ignoring the rattling for the last few months, convincing myself that as soon as i get a bit of cash to get the links sorted (quoted 185 from mr T) then it would magically disappear. It cost me a lot more than £50 last time. i think for that amount they'd probably just repack the joint with grease.
  14. thanks i was kind of hoping you wouldnt say that :(
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