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  1. Endless research, V8 sizes, exhaust manifolds, gearboxes transfer boxes and wiring diagrams... Urgh!!

  2. Not been on TOC for ages!!! Hi!

    1. Steve
    2. Karma Supra

      Karma Supra

      Hi Steve!!! Where is everyone hiding?

  3. Not been on TOC for ages!!! Hi!

  4. Not been on TOC for ages!

  5. Wants his stuff to arrive :( How long for US "priority International" shipping?

    1. Sherry


      if its coming by UPS, u could wait a life time, soz for the bad news

    2. Karma Supra
    3. Karma Supra

      Karma Supra

      Thousands of miles ina couple of days for it just to sit in customs in the uk for ages :(

  6. Woohooo 6 months free fuel!!! Oh, wait, you have to drive an Auris...

    1. balli hi

      balli hi

      bummer lol, No such thing as a free lunch Geez.

  7. Two way remote start pager alarm fitted to the truck... that was a PITA!

  8. is officially back!

    1. Steve


      good to see ya again mate

    2. Karma Supra

      Karma Supra

      Why Thankyou!

  9. is getting ready to re-initiate Toyota ownership...

  10. Sorry Just got your coilover message... I don;t check here often!

    No coilovers sorry, I sold my last supra three years ago to get an E46 M3!

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