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  1. Also make sure you purchase good quality tyres...you may think you are saving money on the cheaper stuff but it pays to get good quality makes. I will say this for any vehicle owner....when it comes to brake pads, disks , shockers and tyres....don't scrimp and save....these items can save your life when stopping in an emergency.
  2. What position has the oil cooler been fitted, is it getting the fresh air required when driving so it cools the oil properly.
  3. here is my story so far and things are looking up but time will tell. After falling foul of the radiator/gearbox cooling problem I set about buying a new radiator and recon gearbox. I got the new rad for £100 and the g/box for £650.....which turned out to be the wrong one so I sent back for a refund. I was recommended a local mechanic who has fitted the new radiator, flushed the cooling system and fluched the G/box 3 times....in 1 month he will service the car and flush the gearbox again. So far all is fine and the g/box is working smoothly.....so it has cost me £275 in total for the rad,oil and labour. I feel very lucky that the g/box seems to have survived this failure. So, how do you prevent this......buy a seperate oil cooler for your gearbox and get it fitted. Budget for around £250 all in, parts and labour. I will get 1 fitted in the next 6 months as I have a nice new shiney radiator. I still question the reliability of these radiators and the bad design by Toyota for a vehicle designed for off road use....that means mud, water and all sorts attacking the radiator. Proof is in the pudding and to be more precise...proof is in your own pudding....so despite people claiming all sorts about toyota's reliability....in my case I don't think so and that's my personal feeling.
  4. I recently had it serviced by toyota and asked them to check the radiator, all ok in their words, this was 2000 miles ago. So, don't trust your toyota dealer. I have owned the car for 1 year and she is a 1998 model. I accept some responsibility but this is such a major problem that dealers should include some kind of check in the service schedule. Other problems have been more of a niggle, bulbs going, aircon topping, caliper problem, leather seats not that durable, a vibration that the dealer could not resolve and just scratched his head as he said "yep, there is a vibration but what it is, i don't know" £100 later and he still did not know.... I owned a Pajero for 4 years and just the normal service stuff, no failures anywhere. It only takes 1 bad fault to disgrace a makers name, I'm not the 1st or last who will feel let down by such a manufacturer that claims to make the most reliable cars in the world and in your own admission you are going to resolve what can only be described as a crap design in terms of cooling your gearbox oil.
  5. I've just descovered that my radiator has failed and water is now mixed with the gearbox oil (ouch). despite being serviced regular by toyota it happened. A new radiator has cost me £100 and I managed to get a recon gearbox with 42K for £650 all in. Just need to find out the mechanics fee A warning to you all and I am sure it's been mentioned, if your LC is over 5 years old and it's an auto, get the radiator changed......don't even question it. For £300 every 5 years it will be worth it. not a happy toyota owner right now as I feel they're not that reliable and to be honest my Pajero before never missed a beat nor any mechanical failure in all the years I had it....will probably sell the LC and go back to a Pajero
  6. thanks for that, I just need to find an owners manual now and can you tell me where the toolkit/jack etc... is kept. Might sound stupid but only got this car a few days ago 2nd hand and thought it would be inside rear door like my old pajero. These seem to be the only issues I need to deal with, fantastic car!! and much better than the pajero.
  7. Hi can anyone tell me what maybe wrong with the electronic compass in my colorado, it just keeps flashing on and off like a 1 second strobe light
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