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  1. Bought my 16 plate Hybrid Excel from Motorpoint. Delighted with it.
  2. I live on the Wirral also. I have also had a few cars from Johnsons. I am also a mechanic. What they are doing is trying to generate work for the workshop that has targets to meet. I have owned Corollas, Auris times three and work every day on many types of car. All cars start corroding the day they leave the factory this is a fact of life. Over the years I have been somewhat suprised at how Toyotas appear on visual inspection to look more coroded than other makes during an underside inspection. No idea why but I can tell you that despite this I have never had to replace any Toyota
  3. Have to agree with Alan1234. WE have a Leaf and I have just bought a 2016 Excel Hybrid. My wife commutes 60 miles a day in the Leaf and I would say the range is easily about 85. I have only had the Auris for two weeks but did own a Prius a while ago. The best I have managed on my 20 mile total commute is around 50mpg and it seems to me that short journeys of a mile or two are not what the hybrid is ideally suited for. The Leaf is a terrific car and it would seem in this case ideal for the OP to consider. There are now loads of used ones available and battery degradation does not seem to m
  4. My 2016 excel hybrid has a spacesaver
  5. Thanks. Figured it out a couple of days ago.
  6. Just took delivery of a 2016 Auris Excel Hybrid with TSS. Only had it a day so my comments are based on that. I would love to try the collision avoidance braking that has flashed a couple of times but having invested quite a bit of money I do not think I will take the chance. At the moment I tend to agree with Rosgoe that it does seem a bit gimmicky and the equipment takes up quite a chunk of the windscreen. I initially found that annoying but soon got used to it. Will report back after I have used it for a while. One other thing while trying out the cruise control I have found
  7. Thanks, Really good to know.
  8. Brilliant explanation Mike. Thanks so much.
  9. To be honest I agree. If I buy the Rav it will have to be 4WD.
  10. Thanks Guys, Not really sure how important 4wd would be for towing but all the adverts I have seen on Autotrader say 4x4 but now I am aware that some may be 2wd I suppose I have to ask before I take a long trek to view one. There would obviously be a price difference.
  11. Really sorry if this is an obvious question but we are looking at possibly buying a caravan and as a loyal Toyota owner who knows just how good these things are put together I am looking at a Rav 4 as a tow car. I currently drive a 57 plate Auris 2.0d4d with 86k on it and it has not missed a beat. I work as a mechanic so not at all bothered if I have to pull the gearbox to do the DMF and clutch and not really scared about any other faults as they seem to suffer very few. The one we are looking at is a 2011 facelift manual 2.2 d4d xtr so I am assuming the head gasket cooked engine issues are be
  12. I would be looking at the driveshafts for a broken ABS ring.
  13. Yep, That 1.4 diesel is a lovely engine.
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