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  1. :( Recently, rear wiper on my 2003 Amazon, on intermittent, decided to go full-time, and would not switch off in any position. Switching off the engine allowed it to stay in the "off" position, but any attempt to use it normally again resulted in full-time operation. Next day, all was well and I cannot replicate the fault. Any ideas what happened please?
  2. I understand that there is a technique to disable the feature on the Satnav fitted to the current Landcruiser Amazon which prevents your passenger inputting directions while the vehicle is moving (previous comment from 'MIke E'). I understand the safety reasons regarding the driver use, but it is very annoying when you wish to change destination, or add on, and you have a passenger to do the inputting. Can anybody help please?
  3. Jamie Many thanks for the reply - I'll probably now opt for every 4500 miles / 6 months as a reasonable average of both our sets of info. Richard
  4. Dealers are giving conflicting info as to whether an intermediate oil change is needed for the 2003 Amazon 4.2L TD engine (at 4500 miles or 6 months). Can anyone answer this definitively for my vehicle which is predominantly used on road in UK, and does not tow? Richard Beales
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