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  1. Hi all Can anyone tell me what the mpg figures are for a '98 2.0 diesel? I had a quick search but couldn't find anything pertinent. cheers
  2. Thought this would be of interest to anyone in the North West, a mate of mine has set up a biodiesel garage. It's a not-for-profit organisation so this isn't just advertising! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ http://www.greengoldbiodiesel.co.uk got a 5 % biodiesel blend (B5) avail at mo, 100% avail soon - the B5 is suitable for ANY diesel vehicle, no conversion, no worries abt warranty, same performance or better, priced at 95.9 p per litre currently, to come down as soon as we get some more customers thru the door!! THATS MEANS YOU! AND YOUR MATES, AND FAMILY, AND EMPLOYERS!!! PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD! If u can mail/text all in your address books, that would be ace. We need to sell a silly amount of fuel to make this work, and everybodies help is needed. We can take payment by cash, cred and debit cards, and can set up accounts too - bulk users( ie your employers...) can get discounts, pls call for more info. We do not take fuel cards at the mo. 0845 3732769 is the number garage is called Fletchers at the mo, until we get some signage sorted in cple weeks, after which we will be trading as Green Gold Biodiesel. We are a not for profit cooperative, putting everything on the line to provide a realistic and easy alternative to the fossil fueled monopoly. Flyers and info sheets coming soon, but not really needed for the B5 - meets same quality spec as ULSD, so ANYONE can use straight away - plse do! I thankyou!!
  3. Do you have any more details on this conversion? I'm sure my fellow engine swappers over at www.twobrutal.co.uk would be interested :D
  4. righto mate, will do :) (utd is now a lost cause anyway :( )
  5. "Please recipricate before linking" a> might be worth learning to spell the words that you use to tell someone off :D b> is this the best way to disseminate information, by creating a condition where my 'reward' for linking is to allow others to have free access to the information on my site? A simple PM would have sufficed, I could have added a link to here no problems.
  6. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, isn't it just the turbo?
  7. what about www.twobrutal.co.uk ? :D
  8. yep, I'm trying to absorb as much info as possible! Passenger rides are welcome once I work out how to control that much oomph in an AW11! :)
  9. Hi all I've been lurking on the celica bit of this forum for ages, but just bought an 89 AW11 for the princely sum of 440 quid. This little fella is going to be the recipient of a 3SGTE, a rollcage and some serious brake and suspension upgrades so hello all my fellow MR2 owners
  10. http://gtfour.supras.org.nz/superstrut.htm You mean the steering knuckle, the big chucky thing on the left in the second line of photos on the above page? ← nope, you can't really see it well in those pics, but look along the red line, that's the track control arm no 2 (also wears out). Halfway up that sticking out to the right is the camber control link or 'fig 8', so named because it looks like a fig 8!
  11. I don't think it should be too much trouble. The head is aluminium, the most common fault is that people do up the bolts too tightly and strip the threads. Can't say I've seen a sheared stud before. Fensport sell studs that are M11/M10 so that you can re-cut the thread in the head.
  12. mine runs absolutely fine on 95 RON, even at 1.2 bar (though it only sees 1.2 bar on 95 RON when I forget I've had to put 95 in).
  13. You will require the ABS ECU and actuator, the ABS brake lines, wheel sensors and new hubs all round. It is virtually impossible to remove used sensors from hubs, so you'll need new ones. They are over £100 each. Is it still worth it? :D
  14. IIRC the DOME fues is 10A, should handle most equipment. I'm running an HKS boost controller, the Defi gauge controller, an intake temp sensor readout and something else which I can't remember (duh) off the clock feeds for BATT, IGN and ACC.
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