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  1. hey lads, hope all is well. any progress on the mr2 and the gt4? I am getting a missfire when banking heavy or going round sharp corners, i am assuming this is due to lack of fuel. A swirl pot will likely solve this issue, but how difficult is this to install? do you need to drop the tank? do you also need an additional fuel pump?
  2. I have these alloys in gun metal grey, but made by ultralite. Can't blame u about the angle grinder, scared of it myself. How is ur engines on start up on a cold day? Mine doesn't sound as smooth on a cold day, is this due to the forged engine?
  3. No just the standard one, but I will be looking at running 2.0bar ish so any suggestions would be gd
  4. It would be the wife if she had her way but she knows I am married to the four! Chris u any idea what the standard is rated to?
  5. I ain't upgraged my boost sensor, dnt tell me this is another thing to add to the list. I told the "boss" that that was it!
  6. Unsure of what arp bolts I have, just the ones Fensport have on offer! Just waiting on my forge intercooler to turn up and the snow to melt then I will get it finished! U think it will be long before you get it finished?
  7. Hey fawbs, can't vouch for chris's work on that ecu but I have seen his work on some tasty bits of kit including my own and have full faith. U decided what sort of boost ur looking at running yet? I am still a bit scared of going over 2.0bar
  8. Tcbparts.co.uk the diff mounting is about £80 unsure about postage though. No I wouldn't risk trying to mend it. Nice work on the re-map.
  9. that doesnt sound over the top as it is a bit of a pig of a job. try a few other reputable garages in your area see what they quote
  10. if you had a broken conrod your car would be running like a bag of nails if it would run at all. have you checked for any leaks as apposed to it being burnt? places to check are the sump, the rocker cover as this can worp
  11. yeah it is 2.5inch all the way through. With regards to the cams that is the exact set up i have at the mo. the rest was way over my head.
  12. Cheers fawbs. I spoke to the lads at forge and have ordered a custom made core it has reduced the core size by over 85% and is gd for over 600bhp. Not sure if the math is as simple as a reduction in core size of 85% will reduce lag by 85% but it will help.
  13. what degrees have you set ur cams at? i am then gona put it down to leeking intercooler joints and to big a core! back to the drawing board
  14. What cams do you have on ur set up? I am currently running just the standard ones. Nope ain't heard of anyone else with this turbo. Can u think of any other reason for poof pick up?
  15. yeah i have. but i think the exhaust cam was only 1 degree advanced and inlet was advanced by just two degrees
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