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  1. I just got a 1986 Celica GTS from my mom. It has 229000 miles on it and is in great shape. I just had the shafts replaced up front and it runs great. There is an exhaust leak somewhere up front and the tranny shifts out of 5th on the highway under power. It has done it a number of times. How do I fix it? Is there a quick fix or do I have to start looking for newer linkages? I am new at the Celica game so hang in there with me, please. Is there anything to watch for on these things? It has been good to her for the past 200000 miles, so I am hoping it is to me as well. My other car is a 99 Durango which I bought in December last year and I am still finding what to look out for on that as well. Thanks in advance.
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