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  1. yes you can its a direct swap from a celica or avensis or mr2 you will see if you go to a breakers I have them
  2. this is what you need http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-COROLLA-LANDCRUISER-CARINA-HILUX-LEXUS-ETC-2-BUTTON-REMOTE-ALARM-KEY-FOB-/331463382155?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4d2cc1d48b then this http://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/%7B4CD304D2-A41B-91D3-284C-8CC4FE5FA41B%7D/Celica_TVSSIIIB.pdf the control unit is placed under the stereo on the left hand side I think it is. let us know how you get on its easy to programme.
  3. ok here goes the 2002 model basically has the same setup as the early rav4s 94 to 2000 the only difference was the 1.8 which was 2wd they are all pemenent 4wd but the vx ang nrg also have rear torsen limited slip diff
  4. just leave that part in situ and remove the bracket that is attached to the engine block something like 4 nut and two bolts
  5. just to let you know, from that i know this is a safe engine. done timing belt a few times on these once a belt snapped on mine on a saturday found a belt sunday morning, up and running sunday afternoon. belt was 14 pound fixed after a few hours work. so get your spanners out and get it back on the road. my 1998 rav is upto 158,300 miles now, plus it runs on lpg since 86,000 so dont give up on it. ultra reliable. just dont get robbed getting it fixed.
  6. i dont think your mpg will be that high more like 22 - 26 check for any clunks from the rear diff bushes pedal hardness of clutch , my origonal i got 148,000 miles from it check sills for rust plus rust on the k frame at the front smoke on start up from cold, valve stem seals leaking - livable aslong as you keep a eye on the oil level. what milage has it got
  7. what you need to do is put your key in the ignition turn it to acc or on but dont start the car when that is done push the green button for more than 2 seconds which will make the red light near your gear stick (alarm indicator light) illuminate whilst this light is lit hold both alarm fob buttons the box will click and indicators will flash. it should work then. all doors need to be closed i think
  8. How are you programming the fob. Where the alarm ecu is there's a screwed and rivited parts where the button is. I'll find the procedure later but you press that button for a couple off seconds. Red light flashes then you have like 10 seconds to press the lock button on the fob.
  9. mrbilly

    Gear Stick

    Hi I seem to have a problem with my gear stick its moves into gear fine when cold but when then car has warmed up and driven for a bit its hard to select a gear mainly left to right motion. Even when the engine is off it can stay in the left or right position till everything has cooled down. What do you think guys
  10. have a look on tinley tech i think they do kits you can fit yourself. it also depends on how long your keeping the car if its ages its worth it. plus its makes it dual fuel which is useful for very long journeys
  11. apparently the conversion is best on the the early rav4s esp single point. mine was done at worsley autogas but got is reconfigured at g and n auto in helmshore. after the reconfigure it was way better. i went to g and n because i basically had a fall out with worsley lpg. cost was about a grand. it has a 60 ltr tank with a usable volume of 48 ltrs i normally fill up when red light comes on which is about 35 ltrs i get about 180 miles from that but im heavey footed. plus it uses flash lube to stop vavle seat ression 5 litre bottle lasts about a year or less. if you have any more questions just ask
  12. my 1998 rav is lpg got it converted about 3-4 years ago when the car had 86k now car has 152k had no problems and at around 65p a litre well worth it i think. mine is only single point injection so cheaper to install
  13. rear but not from my rav
  14. hi can anyone tell me if this diff is lsd. i cannot see and plantry gears. but on the photo you can see the tip off helical gear. there are two together with a few other pairs they run from that hole to the bottom thanks
  15. thats the cars ecu you can see in silver. to have better access remove the gear stick area if you can and also the area where the black plastic pocket area and headlight adjustment know is. the unit is cable tied to the upstand. might even be that one shown on the photo bottom left with the screw. its either that or on the opposite side
  16. well if the fob is not communicating you need to set up that remote fob you will need 2 philips screwdriver one big one small, working in the drivers footwell where the clutch footrest is there is a plastic screw (turn a half turn then just pull out both parts) then move towards the gear stick (same peice of plastic) a metal screw unscrew that then remove that bit of plastic. then on the other side of where the metal screw you will see a box held on with cable ties, cut the tie close to the ratchet part of the tie so you can re use it. this box can be manovered out this is your alarm ecu on one side you will see one rivit and a small screw. undo this small screw and slide the metal upwards. you will then see 8 dip switches and a hole with a green button. now what you need to do is put your key in the ignition (i would take your fob off your key ring bunch to make it easier) turn it to acc or on but dont start the car when that is done use the small screwdriver to push the green button for more than 2 seconds which will make the red light near your gear stick (alarm indicator light) illuminate whilst this light is lit hold both alarm fob buttons the box will click and indicators will flash. job done now just take the key out and shut the doors and test both buttons. if works just put it all back to make it easier you can remove the part where the headlight level adjuster is. the outer plastic part (where that headlight level adjuster is) just prises off easy then 4 screws on the black insert (i found removing there bits helped alot) let me know how you get on
  17. mrbilly

    Rear Diff

    i was told by toyota that if its lsd it will have a sticker on the diff to tell the mechanic that it is lsd and only use lsd oil. so i guess yours does not have lsd either. even if you think it does according to the brochure.
  18. mrbilly

    Rear Diff

    apart from what the brochure says how do you know it has a rear lsd. apparently its supposed to have a sticker on it so the mechanic puts the right oil in it. is it possible for a photo of this. thanks.
  19. mrbilly

    Rear Diff

    If there is anyone out there with a 2002 rav4 petrol nrg could you look at your rear diff and see if it says lsd on it or any other rav which know they have rear lsd. cheers pic would be nice to see where the sticker is
  20. i dont want to brag but. i told you so
  21. mrbilly


    just asking who here has replaced a clutch on a early rav4. how long did it take and what problems did you have. any tips. thanks
  22. dont take the head off no need to its a non interference engine. its just a added cost you dont need to pay for. just get the mechanic to replace the broken belt. aa man has already shown compression is fine
  23. i have i 1998 gx manual, the belt snapped on me and i didnt know it was the the belt so i kept cranking the enging till i got the cover off and saw the belt. £10 pound later and a couple of hours with the spanners the rav was running again. so i hope this first hand experiance helps. i am very confident it will be fine if you just change the belt trust me ;)
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