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  1. Happy Birthday vicegrips!

  2. Just Bought A 2008 Diesel Xtr...have I Bought Well?

    MERD and WEE WEE. priceless Big kev. Keep em coming.
  3. Have You Sponsored Shcm Yet?

    Just added mine. The very best of luck SHCM. A very worthy cause. clive.
  4. New England

    Absolutely. Live and let live. My wife and i enjoyed our day in Provincetown even though the weather was crap the CRAIC was great!
  5. New England

    Was in Provincetown and seen a lot of strange things there.Wasnt aware what it was famous for. Do you really think he will fit in ?
  6. New England

    Hi guys, just back from a holiday in new england and thought you might enjoy these pics. We came accross this in a small town called Plymouth in the state of Vermont. All that remains of this mans home is his barn and half buried contents. Unbelievable to think that the small stream at the side of this property became the raging torrent that devastated this mans property. Pics were taken through the barn window(glass had already been removed). We all heard about hurricane Irene just missing New York but very little coverage of the destruction caused elsewhere in america. We were shocked to see first hand albeit 4 months later the damage caused to small villages and towns. Buildings, bridges and roads had been replaced or were in the process of being done. Debris caught in trees 20ft above rivers etc etc. Shocked to read about the way you were treated Charlie and am glad you didnt leave. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and am glad youre back (even though i didnt know you had left) On the rav front. New engine fitted in july has loosened up nicely now and am averaging 44mpg, measured brim to brim and not on the very optimistic onboard computer which shows 57-60 mpg. Im very happy with an average of 44mpg for a jeep. Dislikes would be the notchy 1st to 2nd gear change especially when cold and that god awful louder than any transit van i have ever owned diesel engine clatter when cold. Once warmed up after 5 miles or so its grand. Will definetly get round to doing some of the mods mentioned on this site- boot lights, rev sensors and rear camera being top of the list. First thing has to be an engine chip for a bit more get up and go. Although having made only a couple of posts,i find that i cannot pass the computer without checking out whats going on in the rav4 forum. Have i caught the bug? definetly! I would think that there are probably quite a lot of members like me that seldom post but just enjoy reading and enjoying the craic and banter on the forum. I paticularly enjoy Big Kevs twist on the english language. Thanks for all the info and i hope you all had a great christmas and may i wish all of you a very happy new year. clive.
  7. Vsc&4Wd Warning Lights+Loss Of Power

    Hi all, have been reading recent posts re 5 year engine warranty. Rang MR T in Belfast last week to enquire about possibility of warranty covering recent vsc/egr fault. Mr T phoned today to arrange for car to be booked in for engine strip down and will replace necessary parts, pistons etc.. free of charge. HAPPY DAYS. Nice one Mr T
  8. hi guys. delighted to have recently got another rav. Such a big difference between my first 03 2.0 d4d and the 07 model. Had a problem today though. My wife phoned me this morning to say that vsc and4wd warning lights on and loss of power. Towed car home this evening and checked rav4 forum for help.Read lots of posts and checked the egr valve and found that the spindle was stuck in the open position. (Had already cleaned the egr valve about a month ago after reading posts but decided to check again anyway) Cleaned the valve which had only a light covering of soot this time compared to being totally clogged the first time it was cleaned. Made sure the spindle was free and refitted valve. Taken for test drive and everything perfect again. Brilliant! Symptons were vsc &4wd warning lights on +loss of power. Engine would start and idle but when pressing the accelerator the engine would rev unevenly, similar sound to that of hitting the rev limiter on a petrol engine except this was happening at approx 3000 revs and would not go above that. So 1st gear only to get moving and very smokey. Hope this helps anybody with similar problem. Egr valve is very easily removed to be cleaned and this job is already well described in the pinned section. Did wonder though why Vehicle stability control and 4 wheel drive warning lts would come on with an egr fault but strange things happen. A common fault with VW tdi engined cars is the glow plug warning light comes on if both brake light bulbs are faulty. Strange but true. Thanks to all for the helpful info and what a great site. clive.
  9. D4d Engine Fault

    hi guys. this is my first post and i need help. Purchased an 03 5dr rav4 d4d gx 85k a few months ago and have had a few faults. Engine management light comes on power....down to idle. Switch off then on ....all ok. Coincedentally this has happened at exactly the same spot 3 times,coming out of a 30 zone and accelerating normally up a fairly steep hill. It seems that it only happens under load Also happened with my wife driving on motorway while overtaking in outside lane(scary stuff) Took the car to toyota garage last sat morning. Diagnosed turbo fault £1200 fix. However after reading all the postings im not so sure if this might be the cure. Another fault is a slight miss/hiccup under normal acceleration, not all the time, but its def there. I also dont feel that the engine is running just right . Have replaced filters, oil, and both belts .(and !Removed! expensive waterpump ). No difference. Would def like a bit more get up and go .Any suggestions/experiences about chipping. So what do you think valves? turbo? Any help or comments would be greately appreciated. Many thanks