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  1. it will make no diff to power or acceleration, but will give a wicked clutch pedal, ideal for racing. will also stand more horsepower.
  2. and i can second that, it goes like stink and i hav never seen a car that is running lean spit flames. who was that fella at the start, he would be safer talkin about clothes. once a cat is removed it lights the dash uplike a christmas tree, bt ive never heard as much bull about making run lean. the emissions test soon prooves that! definately if you dont mind a bit of noise for more power get the cat out of it! and its gud at the dark of night a few flames appearing after a bit of horsin!
  3. im a toyota technician in shelbourne, drive a p1 ts put the tein basic kit in, it is impressive not as harsh a ride as koni shocks, which is good, as a bit of comfort helps. they are alot firmer than springs and you dont worry about firing her into a corner. although would advise you to buy a strut brace as well to help responsiveness and stop twist. if you just want springs my preference is pi for lowering and being firm, they are all i fit and hav had them in 3 motors of my own.
  4. i have mine tinted about a year and not a mark on them. if you are afraid of marking them silicone spray the rubber and it will leave it slippy
  5. i have driven both. with standard suspension the yaris is better handling, but once you put tein coilovers in the driving and handling of both cars is impressive. yaris ts is not easy run either! personally i like the corolla for the li, but my yaris ts will sit with it once of the li.
  6. no i havent got the pleasure of working at your car. anytime its in im always flat out! but your car certainly gets sum admirers! what do you think of your coilovers, are they very solid on bumpy roads. ive only been in a tsport corolla that cums in to our place but only on the good road?

  7. just want a bit of gudance. is tein basic coilovers to hard for back country roads? i think i would prefer the springs as would not be as solid for bumpy roads. but i just need a couple of opinions? i have only drove a tsport corolla with teins but only for a few good road miles afta a service and was impressed on good roads! opinions please?
  8. me and the mate fitted a k&n typhoon kit to our t sports. his has air con which meant that a wee bit of bending had to be done but not to bad. overall fitment was easy. The kit is quite expensive but is definately worth it! Great grunt of it especially at 4000rpm and alot smoother reving. A MUST BUY!
  9. im a shelbounre toyota mechanic and tsport yaris owner! and i just have to say that is a nice 1! and it sounds hot!

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