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  1. Many thanks Geoff, had a feeling they might be smaller but hard to see them down the tubes. Will have to treat myself to a 14 mm plug socket.
  2. Can anyone tell me if the spark plugs on a 1.33 Yaris (09 vintage) are a strange size? My usual 5/8 (16mm) clip on socket doesnt seem to want to fit, maybe it's just too thick in the wall and isnt going fully down? Just wanted to pop one out to see what has been fitted. Many thanks.
  3. Q.S.

    Which Yaris

    Phew ! All is well, the wife likes it :D Collected it yesterday as planned and she's been out with it today .She hadn't even seen it until last night, just left it to me. That way I get the blame if it's not right.
  4. I always like to fill to the max mark when cold. There is plenty of expansion room above the max mark to allow for expansion. Maybe that's what the Toyota guys are doing too?
  5. Guess from the lack of response that they don't have any common faults. Here's looking forward to years of trouble free motoring.
  6. Just bought a 1.33 Tr with 11000miles on the clock (2009, 09 plate) just 3 years old. Are there any known issues or problems that I need to look out for? Many thanks in advance. P.S. it's a manual (6 speed petrol)
  7. Q.S.

    Which Yaris

    Have taken the plunge, just bought a 09 1.33 TR with only 11000miles on the clock. Collect it Thursday morning.
  8. Q.S.

    Which Yaris

    Many thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated. I think we will go for a 58 plate 1.3 at the local Toyota dealership. Just waiting for a price on a Corsa 1.2 (local VX dealer) but am leaning towards the Yaris. Thanks again all.
  9. Q.S.

    Which Yaris

    I am looking to change my wifes ageing Nissan Micra and was thinking about the Yaris as a good next motor (needs a 5 door not a 3). However, I have heard/read some downs to the later models of the Yaris so hopefully you guys can put me right. The info I have says :- that the earlier ones (pre 06) are better than the later ones. The 06 on 1.3 suffers from clutch/transmission issues and one I'm not sure that I like, the later 1.33 (6 speed) has stop start technology. Is this a good thing? does this not cause extra starter motor wear etc.? is it something that can be switched off?
  10. I had similar problems and fitted new microswitches to it. No problems since. Have a search on ebay for the switches. A bit fiddly to replace, you will need a small needlepoint soldering iron and probably a magnifying glass.
  11. That is exactly what caused shredded belts in my wife's 1998 Avensis. The rubber is a sort of shock absorber and through time separates from the metal at the bond. Replacement is the only cure. Jim Dead right on that one. The pulley is also a T.V. (torsional vibration) damper, without this, the crankshaft would be prone to cracking. The rubber absorbs the vibrations so that they dont build up in the crank.
  12. I can do a lot of persevering for the £150 that Mr T. quoted for a new key
  13. I got a Quicklynks T 40 and it seems to work fine on everything I have tried it on, ebay item number 230645376567 or 140582522089. The first ones slightly cheaper.
  14. In case anyone is interested, I think I have found the problem. Removed the switches from the circuit board and connected back up to the battery holder and Hey Presto, no flashing from the led. Bridge out the switch connections manually and the remote works. On close inspection under the magnifier, the underside of one of the switches was coated in a sticky substance. Cleaned off the switches and the circuit board with electrical cleaner and refitted switches and all works. Going to fit some new switches and buttons while I have it in bits and hopefully, that will be that. Can only presume tha
  15. My guess is that one of the microswitches is sticking on and draining the battery. Or a bad solder job could have shorted the circuit out. If you can find a replacement module for a good price I would swap it out. Checked both microswitches, they both switch off and on. Had the circuit board under the magnifier and can't see any solder problems (apart from the one I found earlier on the open switch and resoldered). Looking to get hold of a second hand key, will then use the blade and transponder chip from this key and the transmitter from the second hand one (reprogram for the locks).
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