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  1. My Aygo is only 18months old yet I've noticed the seat fabric is starting to 'pill' with wear marks starting already on the driver's seat. Has anyone else had this?
  2. The onus isn't on the customer. All he or she has to do is use a vat registered garage and Toyota approved parts. I'd buy the brake fluid and supply the garage if it was an issue and staple the receipts. It's not special brake fluid or oil. If anything Toyota won't buy the best oil. Let's face it they only offer top brand tyres yet put the cheapest ditchfinders on "Toyota approved" cars on their sales lots.
  3. I'm not overly fussed about keeping to Toyota main dealers but if the price is competitive with servicing at other dealers I'll stay "loyal". Are any Toyota garages within the northwest or WYorks area open to flexibility on prices?
  4. Mpg is less of a concern whereas reliability is key to me. I've read about cylinder/bore issues on some 2.2 engines but is it that prevalent? I know the 2.0 petrol engine is very good but gets 27mpg on average? The newer, the less available petrols are secondhand
  5. So I picked up a 2.0 auto petrol 08 Avensis last weekend and I'm very pleased. It feels very wafty, toight' and nice to drive. I'm aware though that the previous owner did alot of short journeys (43,000miles total) so may be sluggish in parts/may benefit from some preventative maintenance? Any areas that I could focus on? Does it have a EGR valve? I've got a can of electrical contact cleaner, plenty of tools and I'm 'ok' at general car mechanics (hideous at DIY).
  6. I'm buying a 08 Avensis 2.0 auto and wondered if there are any forum members who have owned (or currently) own one? I'm not expecting fantastic mpg; probably around 30mpg av. however any reliability issues etc etc on the gearbox and engine? Any pro's and con's muchly appreciated.
  7. 3lt V6- how 'bad' is it on fuel?!!
  8. I'm considering a import 2.4 petrol as most diesels fall into the hands of mini cab firms. What are the real world mpg's for the 2.4? Is it a interference engine and anything I should be wary of on a 2004 import? It looks almost like new. Are they clocked?
  9. Walking towards the car square on the car sits nose-down, rear high if this makes sense. What on the front etc suspension could cause this?
  10. My 07 Avensis, I'm amazed just how low it is, it scrapes on everything. Anyone else or is this a sign of wonky suspension?
  11. Thank you, on the phone the service manager said a clutch release bearing is a wear and tear item?
  12. It's on 58k currently. Full main dealer history.
  13. Basically when stationary it's faintly audable. A sort of 'shill' sound if that makes sense? It's as I depress/release clutch. It could happen at other times but theengine/wind could hide the sound. Could it just be linkage or egr related? Car is still under 12months main dealer warranty. It's a 07 1.8 petrol.
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