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  1. Happy Birthday Merseyshark!

  2. car barely uses/loses a drop or two of water thanks for the advice
  3. ...and on that note.... this will strike some as a bit thick but here goes (I know nowt about cars, mechanicals, etc.) my RAV is approaching 60K (it had a very, very sheltered life before it came to me), is there a way of telling if the timing belt needs doing or is is a case of taking it all apart and doing the jobs "just in case". Also, as mine will be done at a trusted and valued independent, are there other recommended jobs to get done while the car is in bits ??
  4. a colleague has recently had some success with selling a couple of "older" cars on eBay
  5. Hmm, back to the dealer - only option IMHuO Imagine in the future - a problem with the paintwork - "Oh says Mr T, you've had work done - warranty void, sorry"
  6. Are you talking about connecting another battery ? I assume you are, as IIRC you can't bump start automatics by pushing. Connect the batteries together (keep the other car running !) and start your RAV by turning the key - that's the only way I know. If the RAV is unlocked but has a flat battery, why would the alarm set ?? ...or have I missed something...
  7. Merseyshark

    Sat Nav

    IIRC other posters have said that the sat nav is not very good (I've never seen one, though) I agree with Plutus, buy a portable unit. Check Honest John, Which?, etc. for current best value
  8. I have never heard the warning - just had to move the RAV along the drive to find out !!! So sorry, can't help but what an irritating noise !
  9. RWH, the warning light might be warning you of an imminent big bill - caveat emptor, etc.
  10. I think this highlights a pitfall of buying from a mate. If this car was in a garage you'd ask them to fix the problem or walk away - not so easy when it's a pal.
  11. CF, does the Lindop kit count as a performance modification, thereby upping the insurance premium ??
  12. use the manual engine start/stop device at traffic lights, etc. (turn the engine off !!) make sure the tyres are at the correct pressure surreptitiously check your wife's driving style The petrol auto is allegedly practically bomb proof, so swapping for a car with unknown reliability could be risky
  13. VW Transporter and an oldish 4.2 3 door.....
  14. ah, remove the front wheel - great idea, thank the lord for quick release
  15. call the RAC / AA / Green Flag, etc. let them install it ........
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