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  1. very impressive chap.. intercooler looks spot on!! i miss my compressor...
  2. Euro Car Parts is the largest supplier of car and LCV parts to the UK Independent Garages. From humble beginnings in North London, Euro Car Parts employs over 4,000 people at 70+ branches with annual sales in excess of £200 million. We have over 110,000 different parts in stock, with the UK’s best logistics system to deliver what you need fast! As many of you may or may not know I am a Recruitment Manager here at Euro Car Parts. We are actively looking to expand our branch network -As a result we are looking for individuals with excellent car parts knowledge and natural sales ability to drive our business forward. If you believe you have the right skills please do drop me a pm or email with your CV. shaun.kang@eurocarparts.com At the moment we are looking to recruit for the majority of branches around the UK-so where ever you are I sure we will have a branch near you! Please visit our website to find out exactly what we are looking for Euro Car Parts Please note Only individuals with the right skill set will be taken forward. I will try my best to answer all emails but please don’t take it personally if you do not get a response straight away. Many thanks Shaun
  3. HAHAHA.. sorry i must of over looked things! GAZ your a moderator now?? how things have changed? lol cabcurtains: i said the car was 10k at the point of qoute as i never didnt even think about modifying it *doh*
  4. Hi Guys, Just wanted to give you an update on the my scenario as its been a while since i last posted. As many of you may remember my car involved in an head on accident just before Christmas. Since my last post the third party has declared liability and my car has been declared a total right off. My compressor was valued at £8550 and the insurance company has subsequently paid out . The car is now waiting to be crushed and despite my efforts they wont let me take any of the parts off the car.. which is pretty frustrating especially knowing how much money I initially put into her The issue i have now is i am not happy with the pay out by any stretch of the imagination and I've been told that the only way i can increase amount is this is by forwarding relevant evidence (ie adverts) to the engineer in the hope that he will revise his calculation. So i need your help.. Firstly.. has anyone had any similar experiences? Is there any advice you can offer me ? Secondly...can anyone find adverts of an 06 compressor with 28k on the clock that is being sold at a price of more than £10k Thanks in advance Shaun
  5. why not try a s2000 dude, you can really good suppercharged ones. Just make sure its the facelift as the handling is better would like a s2000 matt but only problem is that its a 2 seater nah.. fn2 dont float my boat cheers mate! saw that one but as you say a lil on the pricey side
  6. thanks guys! yeah she was pretty nice.. seen most of them on piston heads..but that SVA imports ones (which are the mojority of them) having read feedback people wont touch them with a barge pole! im even considering a charged ep3.. cos i cant seem to find a decent dc5!
  7. *****UPDATE**** Went to see the car today and it is a right state!!!!! the good knews is that the actual block and sc seems to be untouched as swell as the induction kit.. so will let you know if i am able to buy the car back to strip!!! will post pics later Matt you a copper??? never knew that? sure am dude, did the information help?? cheers for that info Matt much appreciated.. wish there was more i could do *sigh* yeah new alloys sold my old ones to bridges! yea id be up for that.. unfortunately the dc5 i saw today had way to many kinks in the body work! SO SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIND ONE???!!!! I want a low milage one (less that 40k ideally) i have a budget of 10k cash waiting!!!!!
  8. Matt you a copper??? never knew that?
  9. Dude out of interest, do you pass by North harrow once a while? think i have seen the car in flesh and my GOD! she a beast. must be your one or someone elses? I am always up in north london as my gf lives in colindale.. so most probably! she WAS :(
  10. The ITG is fantastic car to drive and easy to get power of! As you will appreciate the work and dedication i had for my compressor will be carried forward . I have big plans for the DC5 and would like to get it charged as soon as possible.. so if thats ok with the moderators i will keep you all updated! thanks again guys for all your comments guys! having gone to the police station the other day they confirmed she was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol! If i can break the car for parts and buy the car back .. i will let you all know! Now she has admitted liability for the accident but to me thats is not enough..i want justice but i am not sure which avenue to take in order to get it ! I asked the police whether i can press charges.. and they said that they will do so. So a few questions -What will happen to her?? -Me and my gf are am going to claim injury but is there any thing else i can do to make sure ppl like this dont get away with this????
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments.. and yes i was extremely P***ED to to polite.. police had to restrain me at one point! but onwards and upwards. this is my next car what do you guys think?
  12. Thanks guys! yea we are all ok and we are MOST Definitely going to take her to the cleaners Just really annoyed my compressor was only 28k old.. and only 1 or 2 sp charged versions!!!! ARGHHH nevermind.. looking forward to getting a my new toy!
  13. cheers bro for uploadding the pics!
  14. Cheers guys! yeah just glad to be alive.. haha... wel not sure about the parts just yet beacuse as you will see when farhan uploads the pics the car is a total write off. the chassis is totally twisted! Also depending the category of write off im not sure whether ill be able to buy it back for me to break and sell.. i will keep you all posted
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