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  1. Hey all ive recently been toying with the idea of an engine conversion for my 1.3 4efe corolla. Im looking at putting the gxi 7afe 1.8 engine in its place. Does any one have the experience of doin this job and can anyone tell me any problems or tips i may need before goin ahead with it comments would be very much appreciated cheers! Also would people recomend the gxi engine or the starlet 4efte engine for the conversion, which is easier u reckon for the swop and which is more ov a thrill engine for the racer in me cheers jake :P
  2. yer il try that cheers...jus wondering if you know any website that shows how to reasemble the rear shocks n springs on my car, or just shows a diagram of it..i changed the rear shock last night and its knocking now over any bump so gta take it all apart and have a look tomorrow.
  3. cheers for the replys mate..yer im goin to lower it 40mm when i get some money lol...i was after the rear boot spoiler but dont know where to get hold of one
  4. new to this website put some pictures on my profile on images of my corolla.....what else wud i do to it!?
  5. hey people, ive got a corolla gli 1.3 1993...put some 195/50/r15 alloys on it jus wondering if anyone knows the correct tyre pressures for me, the back end seems abit hard over bumps after fitting new shocks.. cheers jake.
  6. shepherd82

    my corolla gli

    few pictures of my corolla k reg 1.3 gli
  7. hey mate... ive got a corolla gli 1992. :D jus passed its mot with flying colours so i decided to get a full through exhaust including taking off the cat... now its so loud that everyone stares at me :o and its always rasping n gargling... a bit 2 loud if ya ask me...but i have seen a small increase in power, it seems to rev up quicker now... i say go for it if ya want it 2 b deafeningly loud lol.. B) .mines no decat pipe jus used an old piece of exhaust does same job
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