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  1. Thanks for that. Yes I could do with finding an independent near me really as it's just not worth spending that kind of money on it by the time I've added a service and Mot.
  2. That's brilliant. Thanks for taking the time to do that. I'll give your suggestions a go later in and come back. Fingers crossed then it's not so big a deal. Thanks again
  3. Thanks. It's more that I feel that it's so near the top of the pedal that surely it "must" be on the way out. I've done the "handbrake on, in gear and bring the clutch up" and it does stall. (good). Would the self adjustment mean the bite point is always in the same position? My concern is that if I get it serviced and MOTd and had to add a clutch on (now or in the near future) then that sort of bill would potentially make it uneconomic - I'm guessing that a clutch would be £400-500? I really like the car though - it's perfect for my needs... Any thoughts or pointers are much much appreciated.
  4. I have a dilemma on my 2007 2.0 D4d. It's due an Mot and service (118,000) in the next few weeks but there's also very little left on the clutch (biting point is right at the very top of the pedal). Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas on what a clutch would cost to get done (I'm between. Stafford and Telford). A big potential bill makes it all a bit marginal... Help! TIA
  5. kt66

    Changing rear pads?

    Thanks, that's very good of you
  6. kt66

    Changing rear pads?

    Is that from experience by any chance ?! Do I have the correct caliper tool though ? ( mine's right handed and I think there's different types...) Thanks
  7. First time I've done this on the Auris and understand it can be a faff? I have a right handed tool to compress the pistons - is this correct? Any suggestions on decent pads would be good - there's a real range on prices it seems.. I'm hoping it's a 20min job but suspect it may not be! Thanks
  8. Bought some as well and they are so much better. Great recommendation. Thanks
  9. That's a brilliant document - really helpful. Thanks very much for that.
  10. Great, again many thanks. I'll need to do a bit of Googling to find out where some of the items are but looks like Saturday morning is sorted out.... Thanks
  11. Thanks for letting me know
  12. Thanks for that, it does seem a bit odd doesn't it. I'll try the battery/Ecu thing though. One thing I forgot to say is that there's also a "bubbling" noise on tick over on the passenger side. Seems to disappear when I rev it (but it might be that I can't then hear it) it sounds a vague description and I presume it'll be air either going in or out but I can't find out where from. Again, any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. I'm finding that my Auris is feeling "flatter" than it used to at low speeds/revs and I'm having to work the gears a bit harder as a conseqence. It's really only under about 2500 revs - over that and it feels fine I've checked and cleaned the EGR valve (which was OK- incidentally, I found it a bit odd that the end of the pipe which goes towards the back of the car has a blanking gasket which would stop anything travelling along the pipe but I guess this is standard ??) Any suggestions on what to look at next ? - Someone suggested this Revive turbo cleaner though I'm a bit reluctant if, as seems you can end up with error codes as a result. Many thanks
  14. Managed, I think to sort the boot vent leak using windscreen sealant.... Tried silicone but just not heavy duty enough. Fingers crossed it hols and thanks to everyone who helped.