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  1. rako


    Need ecu for my lucida cxr10g deisel ecu part number 89661-28310. need help can i replace with any other ecu part number or I have to buy same. never had any issue last 13yrs . Rehards
  2. rako


    I am in estima forum
  3. Hi need ecu 89661-28310; asap Regards
  4. Hi seeing starting problem why the capacitor burnt out , this morning i started my car start fine and stop turned key again spin the engine and smoke from ECU . opened checked found circuit board at capacitors burnt. trying to find one bus real good never let me down any reply regards
  5. rako


    start estima 2.2d cxr10 2wd 3cte a/t start car this morning smoke from ecu now have to replace any help wellcome
  6. rako

    autu transmissions

    Hi I have toyota estima cxr10g,2.2d, 2wd, 3cte engine, I think need auto transmission as engine rev high will not move in overdrive any idea what causing change auto oil and filter. regards
  7. Hi joy clean gauze filter inside the fuel tank, take carpet off behind front passenger seat you find four screws take that off underneath you find pipes and wire connected to fuel tank disconnect and take sensor out see gauze filter clean with petrol or white spirit or kerosene fit in reverse, renew new fuel filter and last fuel stop sensor on pump there is another smal round filter clean it make sure you dont loose spring and magnetic shaft reconnect in reverse start engine
  8. Hi you had problem with gearbox last year did you manage to find gearbox for your lucida where did you got and price I might having same prob please reply back cant get to estima club as other member says regards
  9. Hi thanks I have tried that site no reply yet
  10. Hi can anyone tell where would can I get filter for estima 2.2d crx10g 1995, cannot find on ebay any part number will helpful. Regards
  11. Hi just behind battery on top about two inch with thich spade pins.
  12. hi There is a website called groupon many garages offer at cheapest price £19.00 to regas run ac for few days if leaks ask them will be lot cheaper than dealer
  13. please help how to remove front brake disc , I removed caliper but cannot remove disc :(
  14. aircon cools at low temp 15c ambient stops at high at 22c .sometime both pipes become hot L and H no cool air. any sujetion please
  15. thank you vince w for the reply. I have bought a new belt but has no timing marks on it so how do i set the belt. and also in your reply, you mentioned: Use the socket or spanner you used previously to turn the engine through at least two complete revolutions to ensure that the timing marks are still aligned. By doing this will it not start the engine?. Thank you. Remove the viscous fan assembly and the shroud, remove cam belt cover, use a socket or spanner on the crank shaft pulley to line up all the timing marks (use a dab of white paint so you can see them better) Remove the tensioner and
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