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  1. I don,t think its pointless blowing the doors off big cars like yours with a puddle jumper -the look on the owners face of a new bmw m3 when i blew him away with a saxo vts+ s/c is what having a fast car is all about poping out from brhind him at 130 and pulling alongside ,back off just a touch ,look at him,then nail it and leave him is what its all about.
  2. dumping the cat will be the biggest gain you will get for money spent --usually 5-8% on any car and snappier acceleration-- add a blower and you will double the power . but power costs money and cost to do a blower conversion is appoximately same on any car --give or take a bit. I,m the other UK rotrex dealer
  3. there is no car on the planet that you could get a 40% + increase in power from a remap over the std makers map ,unless it was a turbo car and you lift the boost at same time well it can def go up by 25% and its still good enough..... secondley if u want a turbo then buy the diesel version as that has a turbo!!!! if u desperatly need a performance type then y u wasting time getting a turbo for an economical car.....u'll need to remap, change parts of the engine to cope with turbo and this will cost u wads of money!! y don't u just go and buy a toyota glanza!?!?! they hav 1.3 turbo and can do 0-60 in like 6-7 seconds and for some weird reason the insurance is not bad, u can also do a lot of modifications to the glanza and its a light weight car at roughly 960kg!!! so y put a performance turbo into a aygo or equivalent??? so you are saying that toyota --the largest car maker in the world don,t know how to map an engine --don,t think so why would any car maker leave 25% bhp lurking in the engine ,just for the sake of altering the map. I run a tuning buisness and can tell you for cetain that you will be lucky to get 10% increase from a remap on a modern n/a car . most times its so small as to not worth the expense . yes you can improve throttle response ,at loss of economy or emissions . I would like to think I know what I am doing ,having been doing it for 30 years +( www.gmcmotorsport.co .uk ),but i would never say I can map a car better than the maker to give extrta power with no downsides on the lateset generation of cars. they spend months fine tuning the maps for best all round performance ,so without altering mechanical spec it would a little big headed to think i could gain 25% on the maker on a n/a car . turbo,s its easy cos the first thing you do is raise the boost ,and sod the emissions on acceleration
  4. there is no car on the planet that you could get a 40% + increase in power from a remap over the std makers map ,unless it was a turbo car and you lift the boost at same time
  5. anyway no onehas answerd my question who makes a kit and how much and post a before and after power graph if available please
  6. There’s a substantial metal bar/cross member running behind the dashboard. Together with the stock anti-roll bars (the rear one is integrated with the trailing arm) I don’t think a strut brace is essential i disagree totally about the effect boosting will have on emissions --thats why all car makers are going for boosted smaller engined cars to get the power they require coupled with the performance when needed. the key is having the right ecu mods .
  7. Hi, new member can anyone give me links to a company doing a proper super or turbo charger kit, and does any one know how reliable these are. would a kit for a c1 also fit
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