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  1. not sure if you got my message but i could really do with that bumper give us a bell and we can arrange payment and delivery if you like, otherwise just email me.
  2. Hi there, this might be a bit of a long shot but i'm in dire need of a little help! Well i had a bit of a front end crunch and as such i'm after a new front bumper; i'm having a lot of trouble finding one for my exact model to say the least. So basically i'm posting to ask for any knowlage on other bumpers that are likely to fit and any advice in the actual fitting; ie, is it as simple as finding a way to fit a similarly shaped bumper or do i need one with the right "fittings". I'm currently waiting on replys from various spares websites and breakers yards but if anyone has any ideas for anywhere else i'm well open to suggestion. So if anyone as any advice or anything at all i would be very apreciative so a big thankyou in advance! ps, its a 1988 Corolla 1.6GL Executive 5Dr hatch'.