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  1. yabam


    my corolla gti
  2. cheers for the tip....il have a look tomorrow
  3. i have a gearbox for a ae92 corolla gti...i was told it is a limited slip diff gearbox from a 4agze supercharged imported ae92 corolla.....how can i tell it is a l.s.d box without fitting it..does anyone know if there any numbers or a code stamped on the box thats differant from a standard box..?
  4. hello mate...it will depend on how much money you want to spend..with the stock 4age engine you can get up to 150/160 bhp but you would have to spend big bucks on all kinds of mods ...when for the same money you could pick up a second hand 4agze engine get a pulley conversion and that will get you 160/170bhp...the 4agze engine is bomb proof and is already strengthend as standard to take over 250bhp..and if the 4agze is minus the supercharger you can get a turbo kit sent over from the states...cheers
  5. welding cost me £400 for both inner arches both outer arches 2 sill sections and the 2 back corner sections that sit behind the bumper
  6. if i remember right they were about £140/£150 each
  7. cheers mate glad you like the gti the grill i got on ebay a while back cost me about £12, the bloke i got it of had it sent over from japan as for the rust it was going to be to much hassle welding in wee patches everywhere so i went to toyota and got complete inner arches for both side they were huge panels that come with tunnel sections for the struts seat belt anchor points basically everything you see in that photo was cut out and replaced...i have photos somewhere that show the panels cut out... il dig them out and put them ...cheers mate
  8. my 1992 gti restored with inner and outer rear arches sills and fresh paint, new windscreen, new radiator, new calipers discs and greenstuff pads, jap grill, mk2 vw golf alloys with new proxes...mibby up for sale soon
  9. hello guys...new to this site and my first posting....had my gti restored last year with new rear inner and outer wheel sections welded in...all bushes replaced with super-flex poly bushes...new sports struts all round with lowered springs...new calipers discs and green steff pads...full respray.....took me a long time to get her back to looking decent...but its worth it in the end
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