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  1. i'm on stock at pres, but if i were to change it would be A'pexi PFC, all depends how deep your pockets are. lots of options out there from dastek, link, blitz, motec etc etc etc just depends what you want!. HTH Doreen
  2. It's posted on the forum m8, join up and you can view/contact the guy to buy.
  3. jappy, go join tb dev n look on there, there is a dood selling boot/eng lid and bonnet gas rams. all at good prices too, you'd be a fool not to.
  4. yea ur the asshat sonny!! mona might be old but once seen it is there any need to see it again!!!!!!! check what year it is before posting, n oh yea just in case u forgot......asshat!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ffs raff man, gimme ur te37's and pfc :P or do me a cracking chop deal on my rev3 t bar. you can go off someone very quickly you know :D Stunning example bro Doreen.
  6. old old old old old old old old old,, n oh did i say that's quite old!!!!
  7. i have seen the solution to this, but think it was on another forum, check tb developments it might of been on there, doreen
  8. Forget it,, impossible to see with engine in, i've never had an eng no on any of my mr2's only had chassis number, because of said reason it's a blank on V5. you'll find nearly every single turbo owner is the same, unless they took motor out and then informed DVLA of their findings. Doreen
  9. GT-s and GT are Turbo only models!!!!!! where as g-limited and gti are none turbo, so all you sad ppl who say ur uk n/a is a gt read what it says on the boot properly you have a gti-16 !! Doreen
  10. Another route could be to advertise it on an mr2 forum, the v6 is now a popular transplant into mk2 mr2, you may get more than scrap value, i would look on IMOC or give paul woods @ woodsport a call as he is one of the main players in v6 conversions, Just an idea, don't know how usefull it is. HTH, Doreen
  11. Again..... Date of post this ebay auction was middle of last year!!!! Double Pleb!
  12. Cuong.............. quick tip look at the dates of post....... lmfao sept 6 2004!!!!! Pleb!
  13. We did advise against buying this car, easy to say now but the fact is ppl that were giving you advise did so cos they have been there and done that, i myself have 2 rev3 turbos 1 bought completly stock and the other with just a few sensible mods, it's always a danger of buying a hybrid car of also buying a lot of problems too, unless you fully know the full and complete history of the car and/or said conversions have been documented on one of the owners/enthusiasts forums, that way you can do your homework before buying. i nearly bought a highly modified rev2 running circa 400bhp, on cossie management but when the seller said, yea it just needs a map n a few things sorting, i immediately thought well why not do them before selling then?? makes you wonder doesn't it......turned out after doing investigation that it HAS NEVER ran right and never would of, i found out who did the conversion and who tried to map it, he told me the full history, glad i walked away and bought a good straight honest stock model!.. All that said sorry to hear bout ur probs, hope you get them sorted out fella, but things like wiring faults are hard to diagnose/cure over the net.....good choice on the scoop i personally do not like them...and what can i say both my tubbies have flew thro MOT's needing little to no work at all, how many 12-13 year old cars can do that?? and tbh other than routine maint + servicing neither car has ever needed anything else,,,and i know a lot of the rev3 guys can totally agree with me on that!. If you need any help just ask away i'm sure we'll all help as much as we can. hell if you were closer i'd come n have a look myself and see what i could find. Doreen
  14. totally agree'd,,, but this is mr2 section so the mention of 205's n cc's shouldn't come into it should it? tbh any stainless manifold is always going to be prone to cracking, just because of the nature of the material and engine vibration/movement, it's just a waste of cash unless going the silly 500+ drag car route, for 300bhp on MR2 one of the first things has to be i/c replacement, i'm sure you know cool intake temps are a big big factor in forced induction engines, even WI is a good affordable option.
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