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  1. I have a 96 Corolla that has a Toyota system 5000 alarm system in it. I have two keyfobs for it. One of them has stopped working although the light still flashes on the fob when you press the button. I've tried a new battery in it but it made no difference. I can only guess the fob is either out of sync with the alarm or it's buggered. I read that car alarms usually have a way to resync with the fobs. I was wondering if anybody knew how on this system? My car was recently in a garage and they somehow got the one working keyfob out of sync becuse of the stuff they were doing and couldnt dissarm the alarm. From advice of a car electircian they held the keyfob button for approx 1min until the alarm beeped and hey presto it was back working again. When I got the car back I thought I'd try the same thing with my other keyfob that hasnt worked for about 9 months. I held it for about 2mins and nothing happened. Maybe it's buggered despite the light showing up on it. It always worked in the past and hasnt really suffered any abuse. From what i've read on www.howstuffworks.com alarms & fobs can usually be reset by some bizzare ritual of turning on the ignition so many times in so many seconds and maybe something to do with goats im not sure. If it's a case of contacting Toyota for info im not sure where to go. My nearest dealer aint exactly nearby. A website full of informative PDF's would be nice. Hell will probably freeze over before that happens I bet. lol. Cheers for any help anybody could give :)
  2. When you going to post the fully finished photos Kev? I have the red equivilent 5 door version of your car. It's nice to see what potential my own has, lol. Looking good from what we seen of it so far You done anything to the interior at all? The up/down lock tabs on my doors can rattle and squeek a bit sometimes which I can hear if im not playing any music which is a real pain. Do you have that problem at all?
  3. Cool :) Cheers for that I'll have to see if I can get hold of a double din device just to try and see if it fits now.
  4. Hi, I have a 96 Corolla hatchback auto. Down under the heating controls there's a plastic boxy tape cassette holder. Does anybody know if this area is actually a double din area? I've removed that area and the side mounting brackets on this cassette box seem to have screw holes in exactly the same place as my single din slot. The dimensions roughly look double din but im not sure. I dont have a double din device to try. It's just a plastic cassette box isnt much use to me as I have incar mp3. I'd prefer to make better use of it. Cheers!!
  5. Cheers for that guys I originally did the same as Boro Sera and replaced my main car battery thinking it was that. After a month of the new battery the same symptoms reoccured. Then I discovered after trial and error it was the alarm. Not using the alarm isnt so much a problem. It's the when I eventually come to sell it. Even if It goes in part ex you'd have to say "Best not to use the alarm or it'll flatten the battery" which might put people off or give em an excuse to haggle. lol. If new alarm systems arent to expensive I might go for one of those if the installer can take the old one out as well.
  6. Hi guys, I hope somebody can help. I have a Corolla 1996 which has a toyota alarm in it with remote central locking etc. The alarm works fine but flattens the main car battery within about 4 days. It then needs to have jump cables linked to another car and it'll roar into life fine. Even after a couple of days of no use the engine sounds sluggish to turn over. I stopped using the alarm and now only use keys about 6 months ago. The car has been fine since. Engine turns over fine every time. I'd just like to get it fixed though. I think my alarm has it's own backup battery and maybe it's this that is old and knackered. Do car alarms (Especially those with backup batteries) need servicing? Anybody offer any sugestions? I've tried phoning a couple of garages but it looks as though it'll cost at least £40 just to get somebody to look at it. Thanks for any help :)
  7. Cheers for that :) Has helped to calm my fears it was something more serious. Thanks again :)
  8. Hi, I have a 1996 toyota corolla 1.3L 4E engine. I noticed whilst doing a well over due check under my bonnet on fluid levals etc that there was what looked like a slight oily patch on top of the engine around the PCV valve going out about 2 inches from the centre of the valve. The patch didnt look fresh. It looked slightly sticky. I'm not 100% it's oil anyway. I did all the checks shown in the Haynes manual on the valve and it passes with flying colours. Car is in good working order and previous owner kept it well serviced. Had no engine troubles at all. Does anybody know if this slight oily patach is normal? In the Haynes manual after describing what the valve does it says "A slight build up of oily residue can build up on the throttle plate due to what the valve does so it's a good idea to keep it clean". As far as im aware the throttle plate isnt on the main engine block. It's where the other end of the tube connects (Or thereabouts). The valve works fine and the rubbery gromet it sits in and the tube and clips etc are fine. This residue around the base of the valve has me confused. Does anybody know anything about that sorta thing? Thanks for any help :)
  9. Hi, as the subject suggests I have a 1996 Corolla. Below the heating controls there's a big empty space which is a big plastic tape holder. I've taken this holder out and the frame in which it's mounted looks very much like a double din slot. I was wondering if anybody knows if this is the case? The mounting holes at the bottom of the frame look to be in exactly the same place as the ones for the main radio at the top of the dash thats in it's own single din slot. If this is the case I only appear to have connection for equipment which the radio slot currently uses. Would I have to get some sort of toyota to ISO converter and then some sort of Y splitting cable so I'd have two ISO cables. I've searched the internet and have never found any mention of double dins for my car and nothing about blanking plates either. Hope somebody can shed some light for me :o) I've tried posting in the corolla forum about this before but they seem more interested in photos of shiney things, lol.
  10. Cheers for that blokies. Most kind. I shall see what I can do. Grahmmie.
  11. Hi, I have a 96 Corolla with Toyota Alarm system in it. I think it's model 5000 or something. I dont have much documentation about the alarm on my car except some sales brocure but as far as im aware it has some kind of battery backup. I've been having problems lately with my car battery going flat if I dont use the car for 3 days. I've tried replacing the car battery which worked for a couple of months but im back in the same situation. The altinator belt is going round and is tight and in excellent condition. One thing i was wondering is if the car alarm backup battery is old and possibly dead would the alarm drain power from the normal battery instead? When my battery goes flat and I turn the ignition key the engine struggles to turn over if at all and then the car alarm goes off and if I keep holding the key in the siren speeds up and goes even more high pitch. When I turn the key off the alarm stops. Maybe it's the main battery draining power from the alarm if it's flat instead. I'm very confused as to what it is. I do have an indash dension hard disk mp3 player which is the only bit of non standard electronics in the car. The rest is original toyota. The dension unit is simply connected using standard ISO connector cable. If anybody has any idea's or suggestions i'd very much apprecieate it :) I tried posting on the corolla forum but got no responces
  12. Hi, for the last 6 or more months my 1996 Corolla 1.3L GS battery keeps going nearly flat if not used for a few days. The first 9 months of ownership were problem free. At first I thought it might be the battery so I replaced it. The car worked fine for a couple of months but then the same problem re-acurred. I've checked the belts etc under the bonnet and there all tight with hardly any slack in them and they look and feel very new with no sign of wear and I can see them turning when the engine is running. I'm guessing there might be a problem with the altenator. Does anybody have a rough idea how much it might cost to get it looked at and possibly replaced? I've no idea what the approx cost might be. Or if you have any other idea's as to what might be causing it. I do have an in-dash Dension mp3 unit but i've only been running the radio for the last few weeks and the battery still went flat. I can also hear the hard drive power off and see it's light go out when not in use so I dont think it's this. Many thanks
  13. I have a 96 Rolla and have taken my central console apart numerous times to change the radio/cd player. I'll help if I can.
  14. Very nice. I have the Red 5 door equivilent. Mines very shiney but doesnt look as nice without the skirts and wing n stuff. Did the car come with the skirts and rear wing or did you add them? If you added them i'd love to know where you got them. Very nice alloys to
  15. Hi, Does anybody out there know anywhere decent to buy Bits such as body kits, wings, grill kits, spoilers for a 1996 UK Corolla? I'd love to get some bits to make the car look a bit flasher but I can find very little. All I've found are those wood effect dash cover stuff. I've not found much else for the 96 corolla. Also I was wondering if anybody know if it's possible to replace the tape holder with anything else? I've taken it out before and it seems to occupy a space that looks like a double din. I see the 98-00 Corolla had the same space in the dash except it had a door cover on it to. Was this space ever meant for anything else?
  16. Hi, Does anybody know where in the UK I could get air con installed in my 1996 Toyota Corolla 1.3 GS Automatic? I know that model had it as an option but wasnt fitted to my car. I tried contacting my local toyota dealer which is Marshal Rolfe in Southampton but they said the kit was no longer available. This sounded odd to me because it sounded as though they were talking about a generic kit and not genuine toyota parts. I tried contacting other places such as Edworthys and some other places that use generic kit type things and they all said a kit wasnt available. I want it all supplied and fitted. I've seen various websites in the USA that sell the air con components for the US version of the car but im no mechanic and wouldnt want to fit it. Am I doomed to stay hot in my car?
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