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  1. Hello guys, my dad came round today with his 2005 2door corolla, lovely car, but both of his door stop brackets have broken and Toyota are talking about +-£60 each!! Does anyone have any spare for sale, know of breakers or a somewhere that will do them at a better price? any help much appreciated!
  2. Ive been really impressed with my GTi, my girlfriend and her 2 friends got stranded after a night out in town and I whent and rescued them it had been snowing for ages so it was snow on ice at 4 in the morning and the 4 mile round trip I never really had traction at any point and going up my road wich is about 40deg with 3 passengers in the back spinning up in 3rd steering left to right quickly but it done it and it done it well! very proud of my rolla!
  3. mines sat right outside my house and as u go along my road u notice that a car had to get out of the google cars way and whent very close too my car! :ffs:
  4. Ive also wondered about the impreza bumper and one day im going to make a p1 bumper fit my corolla but not for a long time if its that much effort! Those guys on the link make some good stuff, the f&f front bumper looks cheap in real life though! Theres a list of stuff I whant from those guys but they didint reply to my last email but the annoying thing is I used to live 15mins drive from theyre main branch in Jo'burg! New bumper on its way soon though!
  5. Alrite mate, those wheels do look good on the car and would work very well with a good lowering! Looks like you got a good amount of bits to get on there, Ive got the scorpion exhaust too but havent heard it out on the open road yet! :angry2: Is that the '88 or '91?
  6. I dont think its pointless as it has many tuneing parts available and with a throttle body conversion would be awesome, I know its a big job but we are always suggesting the same conversions and I was just throwing in another suggestion! not everybody whants a turbo car and the 20v is a great engine and will be fun but not worth the cash and hassle to convert from a 16v in my opinion! :D
  7. Alrite mate, good to hear there is another gti in the west country! KP has basically got all the general info there and this is a regularly discussed subject so def get on the forum search function! The 4agze and 3sgte are great options for the car with good power gains but both forced induction with the 20v been naturally aspirated, it depends on what kind of power ure looking for and how much "work ure willing to put in/willing to pay someone", the 20v will rev to 9k rpm but offer little in the way of major power gains, maybe something different like a 3sge on throttle bodies?
  8. Nice car mate, ive always thought they were decent cars and that theyre prob alot of fun to drive! would be good to see some more pics when the new kit is on, I have noticed a lack of pics of ure usually artistic engine bay though!
  9. Alright KP, I havent been on much lately and you have started another thread that I will watch closely! Are you building this one to eventually go in 'FLUFFY' or have you got something else in mind? Its always good to make a list of all the parts needed but when done I would divide the list into long-term and short-term jobs as a list as big as this one will get can be a bit daunting after a few months, just a little tactic I use to keep my sanity! Good luck with the project!
  10. Thats just a back-box mate, google translater is the best way to go with this sort of problem!
  11. Alrite mate, I completely understand ure frustration as I have been in Bristol for many years and I dont have any high recommendations to help you out! :ffs: That AP autocare seems like a good shout especially if ure central and ive only recently started going up warmley way so i havent heard of the toyota guys up there but I will investigate, there are alot of garages up that way and i did meet a guy who builds vw vr6 raceing engines and said he likes to get stuck into jap cars too! I will get his info up as soon as I get hold of it but if you find anywhere good please let me know!
  12. Get creative and look at other arch kits that you could make fit, personally I would make my own instead of buying those ones! I love a good wide arch kit but they can look tatty very easily if not done properly! Good luck on the search!
  13. Alrite mate nice car and looks in great condition! I would definatly lower it, infact its the first thing i would have done! Little bit confused about why it wouldnt be jap to do it, a good lowering can benefit handling vastly and isnt just for looks so I dont think they would overlook it as they are well known for driving hard in Japan! But even if it was I think it needs a bit of lowering and its ure car so do whatever you think looks good!
  14. Good work KP, taken ure time and with good results! Must of been a really hot day to get it prepped, primered, painted and lacquered all at once, did u bake it? Funny to see the door cos i have a black Gti drivers door with the bumpstrip removed in my room, had to have a double take when i saw that pic!
  15. I second everything said so far, Good luck!