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  1. i done better than telling dealer he was talking b*ll@x, i have had a mechanic friend of mine draw me up a bill for about £100. sending a copy to dealer who has said he will send me cheque for the repair cost. i told dealer it was turbo sensor and reset of ecu.he can pay for all the fuel i have paid out for to run around to try and get it fixed
  2. at last.............. figured out why my surf was slow on hills thanx to vince w for sending me a photo of turbo boost pressure sensor i realised that the rubber pipe from my sensor did not go to the same place as the one on the pic so parked at side of my parents surf and made a few changes to the location of some of the pipes and job done..... she goes like the wind, and turbo light on dash comes on now,but most of all the best thing about this repair was the cost... it was free.........thanx again vince w i would have been well lost without that pic
  3. done ecu reset as suggested still no different . the green light on dash that comes on for turbo when driving is not coming on does this mean turbo is knacked??? it comes on when i turn key as do all other warning lights so i know it is working . starting to fear worst that turbo needs replacing. not getting much help from dealer i got surf from he still insists that they are slow on hills but i know from experience of my parents identical model they are not
  4. i have checked pipe and it is attached been to an import specialist who said the turbo is not working i have done the paper clip diagnosis and got 4 flashes which indicates coolant temp sensor i cant see this making a difference to the engine performance or would it. is it possible it could be the turbo boost pressure sensor and not the turbo. specialist connected a turbo boost guage to turbo and nothing registered when he drove car. would the result be same if turbo sensor was knackered instead of the turbo itself
  5. Check that the short rubber pipe, circled in green in the photo, is attatched, if it's not you will have no turbo boost and the performance will be how you describe. The rubber pipe can often get oil on it , swell and fall off. p.s. the part in the yellow circle is the boost pressure sensor. (for future reference) ;) Any other problems, give me a shout.
  6. hi all just want to know if anyone has had same trouble as i am having with my surf. i just bought my car from a dealer 2 months ago and so far i have only had it for 8 days when i first got it it had a water leak and oil leak and wont pull up hills,the oil and water leak have been rectified,but she still wont go up hills i told dealer that i am not happy with performance and he has told me that this is how they has had a new head fitted and i have done the obvious filter replacements but the problem remains. when on the flat or downhill she goes like a train but show her a climb and she drops speed as if i am breaking instead of accelerating. if i try from a standing start i get to 20 mph flat out until the hill levels off and away go.been to lucas and he said it is a sensor somewhere possibly electronic fuel pump and told me to take it to toyota dealer for computer diagnostic, when i rang dealer they say cos it is an import they cant get a reading and would not be able to tell what the fault is.the turbo is fine no engine management light on pulling my hair out not sure what to try next please make my christmas a happy one and see if anyone can help me with this issue many thanks in advance bob