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  1. Apart from the 'Lift bolts' :!Removed!: But hopefully that shouldn't be an issue Excellent choice of car though :)
  2. Changes that I know of between the pre-facelife & facelift are: New front bumper (well only the upper centre bit is different) New rear lights Toyota headunit instead of the Sony. Italic dials on the instrument cluster have gone :( The interior has a darker plastic :) There were also some minor tweaks here and there along the way. For example, I test drove one in 2000 that had some awful flappy bit on the passenger sun blind that was different on my 2001 model.
  3. Spectrum 16K Spectrum + Spectrum 128 Commodore 16 Commodore Plus 4 Dragon 32 (was there a Dragon 64 ?)
  4. Wife has an FTO GPX (197bhp), and I used to own a gen6 Celica (1.8 SR) and a gen7 Celica (140bhp). Handling: The FTO handles way better than the gen6 Celica (the SR had the same width tyres as the GT), although the gen7 is marginally better. Build quality: The Toyotas win there. Practicality: Celica wins, folding rear seats, hatch back. Overall: Both cars have some areas better than the other. FTO GR is 170ps (165bhp?), GX is 180ps, GPX is 200ps.
  5. Brakes International will sell you two NEW front discs for a little over £36. Toyota are having a giraffe.
  6. Been a while since I've been on this forum :o Nice to see you all, should've went for the meal though Here's the small number of pics I took...
  7. T-sports are European only AFAIK. So you could get an imported T-sport from say Germany :D
  8. Not the VVTLi 190, but ISTR my VVTi 140 being around 3,250rpm @ an indicated 70mph. (which is pretty much the same as all my other cars/engines, 7A-FE, 3S-GE)
  9. You could check your front splitter. Very skinny one is found on the rev1, rev2+ is thicker.
  10. I'd bet the MR2 one they have in Halfords is for the NA? Does it specifically state MR2 Turbo ? Go for the GT4 oil filter, it's the same engine afteral.
  11. Toyota did do one as an option - I've a UK rev3 brochure, it's in there :) I'll see if I can scan it later...
  12. I have a 1994 brochure, and there's no mention of the 1.8 ST, so I'd guess that it wasn't introduced until later (after 1996 probably). Ignore that, the expensive super strut suspension is only found on the GT-4 (ST205, 4 wheel drive, turbo charged 3S-GTE engine). Not that I'm aware of, the 3S-GE engine is quite bullet proof apparently as long as it's been serviced regular.
  13. Depends on the revision, rev3+ it's and the bottom of the engine. Good advice for the rev1-2 though :)
  14. Normal socket (12 or 14mm I think) for sump plug. Oil filter - a pair of rubber gloves :)
  15. Too little too late! The JDM got that bodykit from day1 of the gen7 launch, 6 years ago.
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