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  1. Hi! In any engine, when cold, the fuel/air mixture is harder for the spark plug to ignite. Make sure your spark plugs aren't too old (and more importantly- gapped correctly). Changing to distributer cap & rotor is a cheap improvment too. I had a 87' 22r 4by4 that i used to pull a 4500 pound race car trailer with. Amazing truck! I now have a 92' 6cylinder SR5 pickup that "shuts off" randomly while driving! Can't figure that one out yet. The dealership won't admit to me that they are aware of the problem in other 90-94' trucks. They just want me to "Bring it in" $$$ right! Take Care, Mike
  2. Hey ! I'm having the same problems with my 92' SR5 pickup. What did you find to fix the engine shutting off problem? Mine often shuts off and stay off at very bad times! often start up again, other times not for many (20) cranking attempts. Help! Thanks ! Mike (findadventure@hotmail.com) or mr.mike on this form.........
  3. Hey folks! My 92' SR5 pickup (6cyl) some times suddenly "shuts" off while driving for .5 second. Sometimes while slowing to turn a corner it'll shut off completely. It may restart after cranking, or not restart until repeated cranking for an hour or more. When it's running it runs smooth and strong! But can be trusted cause it "shuts off" leaving me with little power steering and braking. I saw two other people asking the same ignition question on similar trucks.....Has anyone had a dealership find the "Fix" Help! MIKE
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