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  1. I used to have them on my 2002 corolla, so not only on a golf if you ask me looking really good imho!! is the ride still at it's original height on the pic? grts! Currently still at orginal height. getting it lowered in a few months.
  2. this might not be any help to you. but i no kenwood do a cable for the steering wheel controls. im gonna be getting a 7260bt fitted soon.
  3. Thanks for all the comments. Now for the answers. The ride comfort I haven't really noticed a diffrence. The grip seems far better though. The tyres are 225 40s. And hoping to get the car lowered at the end of the year. So should look very nice after that.
  4. what do you think of my wheels. they are bbs ch black edition. 18"
  5. BIGJOHN89


    Need a bit of advice. Changed my brakes today, pads and discs. Had to be changed because discs had a lip and causing alot of squeaking and pads were worn. After changing evreything i still have a bit of squeaking at low speeds on the passenger side. Anyone have any ideas why its still squeaking. Its not as bad as before.
  6. Thank you to Paul McAtee and Paul Mack for your positive comments. I did say when i first posted this topic that the location of the meet would be central as posible for evreyone and asked people to leave a note of there location so could arrange a location for the meet. But there has not been enough positive feedback for a meet to be arranged. So it will probably not go ahead. Maybe we could try and meet somewhere that is pre-arranged.
  7. I started this topic to see if anyone would be interested in having a meet dedicated to the auris. But no one seems to be interested. Do you not agree that it would be good to have a meet just for auris drivers, ive been to a few meets recently but have never seen anyone with an auris so had no one to discuss the car with. We need our own meet so we can all discuss are cars. So please lets get all auris drivers together.
  8. Hi My car has done about 21500miles. I took it in to toyota and they said the front disks have a lip which is causing the squeal that i get. Do they replace disk and pads under warranty.
  9. Hi i think you only get the pins when you buy the toyota auris mats that are tailored for the car.
  10. Hi all. I was wondering if anyone would like to have an auris meet. Just reply to this topic and let me no if you are interested and your location so can try and make the meet location central for evreyone.
  11. Do you still have the springs for sale. if you do im interested in buying a set. would it be possible to meet up to buy them, i live in london.
  12. Hi i have had my auris for about 2 months now and was wondering if anyone new why u cant have 18 inch rims on the TR. if anybody has the answer or thinks this is wrong please let me no. cause i really want some 18 inch on my auris. :D
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