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  1. I couldn't agree more!! I am also registered on the Pumapeople website - although I don't have a Puma I would quite happily give up the T3 for one. I test drove a Puma last year (at the same time that I was having lots of problems with my local Toyota dealer) and I have hankered after a Puma ever since. We are looking for a Puma at the moment, but we'll keep the Toyota as well for another 8-9 months or so til it's a year old and then get shot of it. There's nothing wrong with the T3 - I just want something a bit pokier and that's a bit more of a style statement B)
  2. And while we're on the subject... The cost of a CTS is not far off that of a Honda Civic Type R - and the Type R really rocks. It does 0-62mph in 6.6sec. I test drove one at the beginning of last week and I would much rather fork out an extra £500 and have the Type R. Yes it has a high revving engine as well, but it is mercilessly quick and IMO better finished off than the Toyota. Also, the Corolla's depreciate horrendously in the 1st year - in the What Car Awards they said the Corolla was the best 1 year old bargain - and I think that's mainly because it has lost a load of money by then. The Type R on the other hand holds its value far better. If you compare like for like - a 2002/52 CTS with a CTR, new they were £15,410 and £15,910 respectively. To buy them used now they would be £10,275 and £13,735 That is one hell of a difference. You want my opinion - the CTR pretends to be a hot hatch but really is not in the same league :P
  3. I used to work for BMW and I know that the 320, 325 and 330 would all be quicker than the CTS... Mircea, I'm not really sure where you got your figures from - I've just compared the BMW site with the Toyota site and get the following:- CTS 0-62mph (0-100kmh) 8.4sec 320 0-62mph (0-100kmh) 8.3sec 325 0-62mph (0-100kmh) 7.3sec So the 325 is more than a second quicker... However, the CTS is a very high revving engine and needs to be worked hard. The BMWs on the other hand are as sweet as a peach through all gears. Off the subject a bit - the other advantage to the BMWs - at least you can get bigger wheels as an option. It's about time Toyota offered 17" on the CTS...
  4. Engineer has agreed this evening that the car needs to go back to a bodyshop and have most of the work done again, together with putting everything right that Toyota made wrong! The bill for this could be almost the same as in the first place, so they will have spent more than 50% of the value of my car repairing it... I have heard that when it gets to 60% that they write these things off???
  5. Mini update... I have an engineer coming to look at the car this evening - he is the chap who first inspected it when it was damaged. He was waiting for the dealership to call him and ask him to re-inspect it. He was completely unaware that Toyota had tried to give the car back to me - said that shouldn't have been done without him signing to say it was OK... I also have a meeting on Friday morning with the Franchise Director/Dealer Principal of Inchcape Toyota - we figured that sitting infront of him might have more of an effect - I'm going to put on my most intimidating face! We're hoping to negotiate a buy-back value for the car, but I'm not hopeful that this will have a happy ending
  6. My experience of Toyota Customer Relations is not that good - they have told me that the problems I have have to be dealt with by the Dealer - Toyota CR can only act in an advisory capacity and it's up to the Dealers to sort out problems... gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. How on earth do Toyota do so well in JD Power? I got fed up of waiting for TGB to call me this week so I rang them this afternoon and spoke with their Customer Relations Department. After spending about 30 minutes on the phone to them I came off the call very deflated but also foaming at the mouth. They are basically saying that they cannot due anything except act in an advisory position because my debate is with the dealership and not with Toyota!!! :ffs: They have said that they will contact the dealer principal and can offer their opinion to him, but at the end of the day he can do what he likes. I have reiterated to them time and again that the Toyota dealer network should be capable of returning a car in the condition that it would leave the production line in, so if the dealers can't then TGB should be taking this up with the dealer and not trying to wash their hands of the whole situation. They also said that if we had an issue with the repair then we should take it up with the insurance company. Why can't they? I am the customer, they are customer relations - just what do they do all day??? I'm really hacked off with the whole situation and with Toyota - I would never consider buying a Toyota again after this. Still, the battle continues - watch this space...
  8. Gaz - I really hope this new Dealer gets your probs sorted That's really interesting that you mention about the idler, as one of the things that I brought up with the dealership that have been carrying out my bodged repairs is that the car is lumpy on idle. We've also noticed loads more rattles and stuff since they took the car apart and threw it back together again. I will be pursuing the lumpy idle as well, but has anybody noticed that after about 7000 miles that the gearbox gets slack, expecially going from 4th to 5th. I was having real problems with this when I finally got my car back. I wasn't sure whether it was one of the meatheads from the bodyshop head been heavy handed with the gearbox, or if it was related to my accident, or if it was a genuine new problem with the car. Funny thing was, the hotter the weather got last week the worse the problem got. All I know is that it felt like the distance from 4th to 5th was double what it used to be and was difficult to find...
  9. As I'm having lots of probs and quality issues with Toyota I'm going to forward the chap at Autoexpress a copy of the letter that I sent to TGB, Watchdog and Top Gear. I reckon the more people I tell the more they'll want to shut me up and compensate me for all the hassle I've had (see the post about the Accident Damaged Corolla...)! Here's hoping anyway
  10. Hi Folks Spent this last weekend going round Toyota dealers for their opinion on the work that had been done to my car - agreement is that it is c**p. However, for a car that cost just under £13k 11 months ago, the most I am being offered for it now is £8k !!!!! :censor: I have now written to Toyota GB Customer Relations Dept, and copied the letter to Top Gear and Watchdog. When I called TGB yesterday afternoon I was told that their service level response rate is 3-4 days, so don't expect to hear back from them before the end of the week. Just as unimpressive as the rest of the service I have received from them. I think that this is going to be an uphill battle, but I determined to succeed... And when I do I'll probably buy a Puma Thunder instead! Bye for now Assimilate
  11. Is the price you quote from a Dealer or private?
  12. Thanks all - I appreciate your input... You would have thought that my insurance company would be a bit more careful and concerned - afterall I'm insured through Toyota Insurance and I used them cos I thought it would buy me peace of mind. I know better now! I will heed all of your advise - I've started composing a letter to Toyota HQ and I'm going to grab them right where it hurts :) If they don't play ball then it's off to Watchdog and TopGear I go!!! They chose to mess with the wrong person - I think the DP thinks that just cos I'm a girl that he can walk all over me and I won't do anything about it - wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!!! :P Over the last couple of days I've noticed all sorts of rattles that weren't there before - sounds like my windows are rattling and that there is something loose in the back. Also, when they have taken the boot apart they have not put all of the trim back properly either, so I'm pretty miffed about that too. I think Toyota must be employing a bunch of halfwits in their bodyshops. I know that if I churned out work like that in my job I'd be on a disciplinary by now. Why do these people get away with it??? Anyway, now I've got that off my chest I'd better carry on with my letter! Assimilate
  13. Thanks for the replies guys - it has now been in for repair 3 times and today was the best it has been so far. The panels are lining up better but they are not 100% perfect. Only problem is where they have had to paint new panels the colour of the paint is different... :( When I went to look at the car on Monday they had managed to damage the interior (the vinyl to the left of the heating controls) and now it looks like they have "sanded" the damage out so the finish is not the same as the vinyl on top of the dash or round the steering wheel area. I have lost complete confidence in Toyota now - the chap that I had to deal with at the Dealership was a cocky arrogant little upstart, but the Dealer Principal defended him quite vigorously. I have had wasted visits to the garage and now have a two-tone car, but they have not offered me any form of compensation - I would have at least expected to get my first service thrown in for free! We cannot consider selling the car as we would be stung severely for it. It's a shame cos I think it's a great car, but let down by poor workmanship. And yes, I was in the car when it was hit - neck still sore and stings but I put that down to tension with all the problems I've been having with the car. Will let you know what the outcome is...
  14. About a week after I got my new T3 Corolla the fascia that holds the stereo etc popped out about 5mm. I got this fixed at the garage where I bought it about 3 months ago and a week after I got it back it had popped out again. They said they had replaced it because the first one didn't fit properly, but I'm beginning to wonder if they did... Drivers seat also creaks, and the back seats rattle if you don't slam them home properly after you've had them down. Apart from that I have been happy with the car, until a dustbin lorry drove into me and hence received some very shoddy treatment from the dealership (see separate post!)
  15. I had a 17 ton dustbin lorry drive into the back of me 3 weeks ago... The repair work that the Toyota garage has done is appalling (body panels don't line up, came back scratched and trim had been pulled off). I'm not very impressed with the Dealership that did this and they didn't do anything or get back to me, and so I wrote to the Dealer Principal and the MD of Toyota GB and only then did I get a response. I have been concerned since the accident that all is not well with the car and the fact that the panels don't line up makes me smell a rat. I'm going to push for a write off - it's a shame cos up til now I have been really pleased with the car. Has anybody else had a similar problem and did they try and tell you that this sort of damage would not affect the future stability and value of the car????? Thanks Assimilate