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  1. I highly recommend you avoid 2002 and newer Camry's at all costs! Go through some of the threads posted here...especially: "2003 Camry Alignment Problems...Car Doesn't Steer right" Toyota Camry quality is well known to have slipped significantly in the 2002 and later years... And, their product support? Forget it! I've sworn off Toyota permenantly, after my 03 Camry experience....
  2. I sold mine.... I had enough.... That's the LAST Toyota for me! Toyota? Are you listening???? :P
  3. Hi there.... You can see this left-drift problem well-documented on another thread...although it primarily pertains to the late model Camrys...I see quite a few complaints with the Solara's as well.... After fighting Toyota on multiple visits...I found the perfect solution. Swapped out for a late model GM...leather seats, heads-up display, full power...supercharged...and put $2000 back in my pocket. Best thing I ever did! My first and LAST experience with Toyota... What a disaster! :censor: