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  1. Have you checked the pressure for tires (i.e 29 psi) ? Have you checked all wheel nuts were torqued correctly ? Try swap the tires, example left to right to see if the problem follows. Good luck!
  2. You could remove the plastic covers to do inspection for any cracking, tension of timming belt :bookworm: . If it is fine, leave it alone.
  3. I checked in 2003 Camry owner's manual. It stated "Minimum pedal clearance when depressed with the force of 450N (100lbf) with the engine running: 63 mm or 2.5 inches". Is the distance from top of pedal to floor ? or is the distance from bottom level to the floor ? I found with normal stop, the brake pedal travelled abot 2.5 inches which was excessive travel compared to my old Corolla. Thanks for any feedbacks.
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