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  1. Hello again, Got a enquiry, Whats the best ans most suitable engine oil to use on the yaris T sport 2001 model. At present, I just changed the oil and filter. I put in castrol edge 5w 30 fully synthetic. Should I keep to semi synthetic? Not sure as had different answers. Also, can anyone forward me a number of a main toyota dealer in england (south) as I need a price of a phase one front spoiler for T sport and mats. Also, just got car back from toyota garage, the vvti controller was gone and the oil pressure valve! Was hit for 600 euros. :ffs: :ffs: Also, advise needed on de-cat. What do you get on performace and engine light? What about the sensor wire that plugs in the cat, what do you do with that? Also, the cat is not separate, it is welded as one, it is a sport cat from envy for the yaris, or am I wasting my time? :ffs: Any advise on my phase 1 please. Cheers.
  2. There is but I was quoted nearly 300 euros!
  3. Hi again, I previously put a post on regarding engine check light on. My v v t i controller is causing the light to come on after I added octane booster. I have used the petrol and used fresh petrol but light is still on. I disconected the battery overnight to reset the ecu. Would I go for a change of oil and filter? Would that make a difference? Is a days labour involved in the repair? Is there a manual for a 2001 yaris T sport? Whilst I will have to do it, is there anything I could to modified the engine with the head off, ie cams etc. Am I better off with a new stock engine? Could I go for a modified engine? I am lost here. Can anyone help me on this forum? Thankyou.
  4. I just changed the plugs to bosch ones and the oil is about 5 months old.
  5. Thanks. will check it out. Which toyota dealer is that? Do you have a number, Im in Ireland. Cheers.
  6. Hello again, Ive got a problem with my 2001 yaris T sport again. I put in some octane booster when my tank was full, forgot to do it at the same time as filling, anyway, about 5 miles later it starting going mad, reving to 3000 for no reason, cutting out, spluttering. About 5 miles later it corrected itself but the engine management light came on, didnt go off. I took it today to toyota and the code came up as a vvti controller/unit needs replacing. Its a days labour and will cost a fortune. I explained what I did and shouldnt of caused that. Its also using more petrol. Should I wait to use all the remaining petrol and fill up with fresh petrol or use a fuel cleaner additive? What is the correct course of action. Any help please. The head needs to be removed? Is there anything I could do? Thanks.
  7. Hi. Does anyone know where and how much a new front bumper for the a 2001 T sport yaris is. I looked on ebay but nothing. Or a modified one perhaps ( custom ) Any Ideas as I lost it on the ice and smashed up the bumper. I am insured but didnt want to claim if it wasnt expensive. Any Ideas or help please with suppliers. Thanks.
  8. Would be interested in a meet. Im in co limerick.
  9. 23: Bosco- T sport yaris
  10. Hi again. Yet another question on turbos etc. I was looking at various turbos for the yaris T sport. Any advice out there with all the members. Was looking at the bolt on greddy which claims to be 160-180bhp? Is that right? Also was looking at the bliz which is nearly 3k compared to the greddy at around 1.6k. Any other ones I might look at. HKS/TTE?? Also what about the ecu and tuning to turbo and gear linkage? Any advice and links/help needed. Who does the fitting and work and are bolt on kits worth it? Has anyone out there got the kits and bits on there yaris, any feedback appreicated. :( :( thanks.
  11. I'm assuming to achieve that you mainly do motorway driving and don't use Lift.... (although your stats say you have a Yaris T Sport???) I've only ever had over 300miles a few times and that was when doing long motorway trips.... Currently i'm averaging 34mpg... with a mix of urban/extra urban driving with enough Lift to satisfy my cravings! Your correct. Well, country driving as Im in Ireland plus I really put my foot down and its looked after.
  12. When was it last serviced? Is the engine warnind light on? I get about 330 miles give or take on a full tank and my trip computar says average 40.7!!!!! Is the ignition coils ok??
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