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  1. Has anyone fitted one to their Corolla T-Sport\runx\Sportivo I need the installation instructions. I need the wiring instructions for the Loom.
  2. I got mine from ..Bruce is the contact.
  3. Hi I am after a set of Mirrors with the indicator light built into them does anyone know where I can get them on the Web. I know there M3 mirrors but I am after something that looks more like the original mirrors supplied with the car. I have seen pictures of them on a few sites but no where to purchase them. Also the clear tail lights, I know Anaconda Tuning has them but does any one else. The car that I have is the Sportivo Corolla hatch also known as the TSport or E12. Picture of unit is here
  4. I had my car tested on a dyno at the weekend at 30 degree the results were Output was 105.8 Kw at the wheels or 142 hp at wheels with the TRD CAI. At maximum. If it true what you are saying about the test samppa then the Aussie model is not running the same as the car in Finland so whats going on. My car has done 12000kms so can't be the motor.
  5. peekay34

    Corolla Bits

    I am after the wing/side mirrors with the indicator lense built into them. . I am after the ones that would fit the RUNX/Sportivo/T Sport. Does anyone know a site that has them for sale.
  6. Guys register to the new AU section.... its all for us.
  7. I find the same that the gearbox is notchy. Also it is a pity that Toyota Aus do not warrant TRD parts considering they are made a company owned by Toyota. The next meet will probably be a night cruise ie meet some where and drive to a place for food and coffee and proceed to waffle on abot the car. The last meetup though only 5 cars is still growing. And by the way guys I only got two numbers from you all can you send the rest so I can create a register of people. :group-cuddles:
  8. I was expecting more as well I am thinking of doing the Cat Back exhaust now and re-Dynoing mind you different Dynos give different results. Remember when they test the cars they don't have all the pollution crap and aircon on the cars.
  9. Nah not at all there is no stiffness on the unit I have.
  10. I have the TRD unit in my Corolla in AUS the same one used on the RUNX in Japan and have no problems.
  11. No Homebush is a little to far away. Did a Dyno this morning the car is approx 8-10 Kw better with CAI. Output was 105.8 Kw at the wheels or 142 hp at wheels. Mind you it was tested in quite hot temps.
  12. But the $300 would have been in US dollars right?
  13. Mate I know how you feel but I have the TRD system installed and you notice the difference. I had 4 other mad Sportivio owners in the car last weekend and they were quite impressed. Yes the differences are different between the Matrix they have another VCS which we don't and you don't connect any vacuum connections to the intake. It took be a lttle bit to modify as well. Mind you the TRD intake cost me more than your AEM. Pictures of my intake are at