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  1. djx

    New Avensis 2009

    hatch's dont sell well in europe, around 85% of the avensis build at burnaston (the only plant to produce them, btw) goes to europe, so i suppose its not hard to see why they aint bothering yet. as for prices, i just build them mate, not market them. as for looks, the estate version is a very nice car. we are now only 6 weeks away from the final avensis b rolling off the production line on oct10th, avensis c starts about a week later
  2. djx

    New Avensis 2009

    its a saloon, they arent having rear wipers, there isnt a hatchback option, just saloon and estate
  3. Toyota has reacted to the global economic slowdown by confirming that, as we reported last week, it is trimming its sales targets for the next 18 months. The company is also shifting greater emphasis onto low-emissions vehicles. almost all companies are finding it hard at the moment Cutbacks will effect Toyota’s Burnaston plant near Derby, which will lose one of its two shifts on the Auris line in response to slowing sales. According to Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchivamada, Toyota has no plans to make redundancies among permanent staff at the factory, which also builds the Avensis and assembles engines for other European plants. partly true, the auris is selling as many units as the corolla did, TME had pridicted larger sales for the auris and instructed the plant to build more, the extra sales never came and now there is a stockpile. that, and only that, is the reason that the auris production shop is going onto a single shift until march, then back to 2 shift operation, no toyota redundances are being made at all, period
  4. djx

    New Avensis 2009

    My verdict: If this is the final version of the new Avensis: It's fantastic. djx, now that the photo has been officialy published, would you mind confirming that this is the production model? TIA confirmed, i dont want to risk my job for the sake of some info. i have some pics on my phone of the saloon version half dismantled in the factory. no interior, no engine etc. pretty much a rolling shell.
  5. i agrre with what you say but both the seat backs, and the door panels are made by outside suppliers, the seats by johnson controls automotive at burton and the door panels by faurecia at fradley park, lichfield. they come to the factory already assembled, thats how the factory buy them in so i assume it would be the same for the dealerships. i have given you the 2 company names, why not contact them directly to see if they could possibly help you.
  6. there are 2 motors on the bottle (3 if you have headlamp cleaning) under the osf wheelarch behind the foglight area. they are just a pushfit intothe bottle the rear one has a red connector on the top. i have a spare one here if you interested, pm me
  7. to add to the above post, you might want to try ordering from japan as for the past few weeks we have been building the new avensis for the japanese market. these feature things that will never be on euro models such as 4wd, dvd players, tv's in the back of the headrests, they are also asking us not to fit the silver , wood or black trims as they have there own to fit although i dont know what style or colour they are. might be worth you checking it out
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