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  1. Hi All. Not very worried about it, but every now and then my car will rev to about 2000 rpm for no reason. I thought I might have been catching the accelerator pedal with my foot while holding on the foot brake, but definitely not doing that.. The one thing I have noted is it only ever happens when I have the clutch depressed. I have wondered if it's meant to be some kind of anti-stall (as in giving you some revs when you let the clutch up) and is being tripped when I put the car in neutral and let the clutch up with no intention of pulling away??.. Doesn't do anything else odd, great care other than that! It's a 2009 2.0 petrol Saloon T4. Any thoughts welcome Thanks Myles
  2. I've got a 2009 Avensis T4 and don't have that issue. Sounds like it's worth getting back to the dealer
  3. I have come back to toyota after a few years away. I sold my trusty 2.0 Diesel Carnia E back in 2004 when she had 150,000 miles on her and had been in our family from new. Since then I've tried a Citroen C2 VTR, Nissan Primera, Ford Focus 2.5T ST, Chrysler 300c Touring and now have my Avensis T4. Love the avensis and it was like coming home (how I imagine coming home after having been in coma for 15 years would be!). The Avensis feels familiar but some much more advanced than the Carina, very happy with it.
  4. Is back in the Toyota fold with a 2010 Avensis 2.0 v-matic.

    1. Phoenix999


      What is the difference between a v-matic and a fully automatic gearbox?

  5. The water pump has given up the ghost on my '95 Toyota Carina E 2.0D. I have tried all the normal high street places with no luck as it appears the Carina E 2.0D Lump was not very popular in 95, I cant even get a haynes manual for it as they never did one (so I have been told). Does anyone know any good suppliers web sites or phone numbers so I can get the carina back on the road. Many thanks
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