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  1. Happy Birthday Sammy Hallett!

  2. Ok so I'm having some mega issues with my car at the minute... Basically, got a new job and it means I dont need my car. Got a 51 plate T-Sport in Chilli Red and its ace, cheap insurance for me and I dont rag it so its not costing me a lot to run Its also in fab condition because I clean it all the time and get a right ***** on if someone dros food in it!. Only problem is for 5 days a week its sat on my drive looking all sad that I'm not driving her. So I'm thinking should I sell it? its just sort of collecting dust there. BUT when i do drive it, I love it! I cant fit my surf/snowboards in it (or on it for that matter) and I cant get the bikes in it without the aid of a rally annoying bike rack on the back so I'm pretty much not able to do all the fun things I like doing with this car. But it love it. Ive had some friends interested in buying it off me but I'm undecided. Suggestions??? xx
  3. Awesome... thanks so much :) Hopefully it's an easy job!
  4. Hi guys... I recently had my remote key battery die on me and because the muppet before me who owned the car probably knackered it having the same problem as I have, the screw to get into the key had been rounded off. Went into the Toyota garage and the only way they could get into it was by drilling the screw out and said it should be fine. I got home and the whole thing came apart... so with half a screw still in it, im walking round with the key sellotaped together. Obviously dont wanna keep it like this and I'm refusing to pay for a new key since its a rip off. Been looking online and you can get covers/jackets for some car keys but not the Yaris sooo was wondering if anyone had any innovative ideas as to how I can keep it stuck together or if you can get a Yaris cover :) Thanks - Sammy xxx
  5. No idea mate, it stopped after that one journey when I knocked it into reverse. I'm gonna put it down to a stone wedging in. Not made the noise since then and its driving ok :)
  6. Hey guys... Took my 2001 T-Sport in the other day to have a look at the brakes, was told the 2 front discs and pads will need replacing in the next 2-3k Got plenty of time to look for some decent ones so any ideas where there's some good deals on? Also, can you get performance ones for the TS? and do you think it would be worthe the investment? Thanks loads xx
  7. Hi thanks... got it booked in on tueday to have a look at the breaks :)
  8. There's an idea... could be. It's not actually made the noise since yesterday and the noise sounded like something was rotating if you know what i mean, got higher pitched and faster as I drove. I hope you're right :) See how it goes!
  9. Hey.. no it was actually quite warm and dry so i dont think it could be the fan belt. The sound was more of a hissing, like a cat than squealing :( Wish it was just the fanbelt, dont like driving the car when i dont know whats wrong with it
  10. Wow I'd love that to be the solution but unfortunately the sound carried on all the way back to work. Thanks for your help though... every little helps!
  11. Hey guys... got a 2001 T-Sport, love it! Only today, had a bit of an episode in Tesco car park. Turned car on as usual, pulled out of the space and noticed a funny whistling noise. Thought it might be powersteering as I turned out the carpark but as I accellerated it just got louder and faster. Never had this problem before, literally just started. Rang the other half to tell him and tried to drive round my works car park to see if it did it so he could hear... not a sound!! Anyone had this problem before? car is driving fine and no lights are coming up on the dash. Dont reckon its the mirrors because window was right down and even driving at very low speed its still quite loud. Any advice or info would be much appreciated xx
  12. Hi there... good call on the Yaris, I also drove a Corsa before switching to me beloved T-Sport and its the best decision I made. The car is perfect for me because I need something quick and nippy and its got a 1.5 litre engine (I'm a journalist so if I'm needed somewhere, I've got to be there fast) A while ago I had the car in for the wheel bearings and was given a 1.1 Yaris for the day while it was being fixed.... hated it! put my foot down and it didnt seem to move so I've got to disagree with the above comment. I think thats because I'm used to having something quicker but I really didnt like it. I've seen some really good looking T-sports having seen how they can be modified. I wouldnt do it myself because I think the car looks good as standard anyway. Got the car a few years ago and paid 5k for it, probably worth 3/3.5k now but I've seen them cheaper. Would thoroughly recommend a T-Sport
  13. Not sure about any of those I'm afraid .. I've got Toyo Proxes thought and they are wicked, I'd not get any others now I've had these... they handle brilliantly xx
  14. You're lucky you can fold yours in... I dont think I can even do that on mine. I've got the 2001 T-Sport and I dont think its possible to fold them in... Always getting clipped by muppets with no concept of space. I like to think they're jealous of the shiny chilli-red paintwork haha! xx
  15. Hey up all, just borrowing the Mrs' account :P Just wondering if anyone can throw any advice my way with regards to buying a gen 6 Celica? Its a '99 Treg 1.8ST. Does anyone know which engine it will have in it and are there if any.... common faults and things to look for?! I've spoke to the garage where its based and theyve said to me: 3 owners 70k miles, fsh up to 50k and it *looks* from the photo's online its in pretty awesome condition. Therye asking £1795 for it too. Does this sound about right? Also,im guessing the cambelt will need replacing pretty soon if not straight away too, does anyone have a rough idea of what it might cost to get done?! Sorry for all the questions, but any help would be appreciated. its my first Celica and wanna make sure i dont buy a Lemon!! after numerous troubles with my Vrs ive decided to go jap! cheers peeps!!! Mark B)
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