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  1. i had a previa and the side bulb beat me at the main dealers the mechanic was baffled too then another guy took of the inner wing shield and had to get his hand up inside to change the bulb the two toyota mechanics apologised on behalf of toyota worldwide as they felt it was the thickest thing in the world and didn't charge me
  2. is it the cable version or the electronic version.check the transfer casing ,kneel down at the drivers doors and look under,it should be there.if it is stiff its the cable and if there are 2 wires,its the electronic. the electronic ones are found on hiluxs and hilux surfs as well as previa,estimas and all that if you find 2 let me know i can't get one yet.
  3. hi there.i'm a newbie. i am on the look out for a bj45 pickup or an fj45 if i can find one,preferably starting or turning over check what's in your sheds and ditches pleaeaeaese