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  1. Hi, i been to view the car its 85k miles and service history is up to 50k and last service been done in 2005 according to the book. car make a noise when drive and owner advise following: Cam shaft Follower need shimming and will cost £200 i call to mechanic and he said he cant tell untill he open it and see properly. now thinkin about it what shell i do.
  2. Cheers mate, can anybody suggest a single place from wre i can see the complete details of all recalls of cpecific model ? any cpl of handy tips/things that you see when buy a new avensis ? will appreciate replies from otha members as well.
  3. Hi Guys, I am about to buy Avensis GS VVT-i 2002 model but ma mate warn me and said GS vvti have some fault with gearbox or engine. can anybody help is there anything like this ? thanks alot in advance. Cheers
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