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  1. Happy Birthday Avatar!

  2. 25, £1200 fully comp. Lastest quote £3400 - made some changes 0 NCB after a lorry changed lanes into the side of my car while on a 3 lane roundabout then denied it ever happened.
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    Jammed Doors

    detatch the battery so the central locking does not relock the car after failing, then unlock the door. You will need to push the door from the inside while someone holds handle from the outside. Don't ask how i know this.. I had a few problems with my drives door after a custom mod.. *cough*
  4. Strange.. I can see it... Interesting colour.. what is it?
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    Ok i'm stuck.. I've removed all the smaller dashbaord panels and the glove box, but how do i take the main part of the dashboard out? I've removed all the visable bolts and screws that appear to attach the dash to the car, but are there any hidden bolts or screws under the dash? Help please! '93 G-Limited
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    Does anyone know how to remove the foot rest on the drives side? I'm trying to remove the carpets, but i'm stuck cos the carpet goes under it.
  7. The bracket that holds the sensor that leads into my cat has come loose.. I've taken it to my local exhaust specialist and they say they would either have to replace the cat, or remove the sensor. Does anyone know what this sensor does? And can i live without it? removing the sensor is 1/5 the price of a new cat..
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    Standard Amp

    mines a hard top so i don't have to worry about that :D although a T-Bar would be nice.. I'm kinda taking my ice design from a.. (can i bring myself to say it??) ..nova (cringe) She set hers up to have awsome sound in it. she has 2 6x9's in the equivilant place of the shoulders, and 2 (don't recall what size) door speakers per side. ..oh and 2 12" subs. although the MR2 has less space, her car was also 2 seater (after she ripped the back seats out in favour of a roll cage.) Not sure on the 6x9's in that place in my car though.. seams a little like over kill, plus i don't think it'd be right in an MR2..
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    Standard Amp

    I'm in the process of trying to custom fit the 2 12" JL Audio subs behind each seat. still not sure where I’m going to hide the amps.. The bonnet is starting to look more of an option. I'm looking at customising the glove box or removing it entirely to fit the CD changer there. (don't really want to have to get the dash reupholstered though..)
  10. It's not just you though mate.. You can see some pretty bad reviews on Fox alloys. Plus my friend’s uncles brothers wife’s sisters mate had some 17" Fox's on his escort that "shredded" on impact with a kerb. Although was going faster than 25mph..
  11. Do you have a pic of the stickers? Never heard of calliper stickers...
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    Driving In The Wet

    ain't that the way to take a corner in any car? Never brake on a corner.. first rule of track racing.. (i think that was the first rule ) Personally i run on Falken fk451 235/40 ZR17 rear 205 front
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    Driving In The Wet

    I don't think I’ve ever lost the rear in the wet so far.. But I spun it spectacularly once in the dry.. I was forced to brake going into a corner at about 70 due to someone changing lanes without indicating right in front of me. Front wheels locked and almost hit the 3rd lane of traffic before I let go of the brake to get myself back in lane, and before I knew what happened I was facing the wrong way in the left lane (3 lane carriageway).
  14. woah.. all that at 25mph? I've clipped a kerb at 70mph with only large gouges and lots of grazes.. That's a little unlucky i think..
  15. I bought my '93 G-Ltd going on 3 years ago with about 60-70K on the clock for £4200. Mint condition. ...It got keyed within a week! :ffs: But i still love my car :D Needs some work to it now.. New clutch for starters.