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  1. Happy Birthday soramad!

  2. nothing wrong with a good 3lt turbo preferably with intercooler, auto is good (no clutch to worry about) but if towing have a transmission cooler fitted. i can thourally recommend the ssr-g 3rd generation surf from 96 to 2002 they can be purchased for reasonable money but make sure you give it a good going over and ensure it has a good cooling system using toyota ready mixed red fluid. Mine for instance has two batteries as standard in parallel designed originally for use in cold areas, also has a seperate heating system for the rear seats. standard fitting is a high level compass, barometer and altitude meter, so its part fitted for expeditions, along with rear wheel drive as std or full range four wheel drive when engaged.adjustable shock absorber suspension is another feature.
  3. well yes, its so refubished i re-registered as a new member thinking it was a new site however i have noticed that the soarer section that used to have a small following is no longer here, probably as there are other sites that deal with the soarer.
  4. yep my 96 ssr-g is fitted with a sunroof ( and it does'nt leak :D ) any toyota dealer should be able to obtain a seal for you, the dealer in cheltenham is excelent for obtaining parts for imports usually only 2 day wait.
  5. i hope this helps its from the 1995 - 2002 owners hand book. the compass will show the direction the vehicle is traveling. the compass may also not give a true reading, when the vehicle is in the following areas; driving under bridges,driving in built up areas , railroad crossings, driving through tunnels, driving near big vehicles, driving over subwayareas, electrical substations, underground car parks. correcting the compass. 1/ press the compass correction switch to correct mode. (the compass will flash) 2/ in a safe place drive a full 360 degrees and the compass will automatically reset itself.( a full circle) if this is not possible because of where you are press the compass corr switch and from the point you are facing reverse at a right angle from your original position then forward at a right angle from that position which should put you opposite from your starting position then reverse at right angles from the last position which should put you opposite to the second position. this sounds complicated but you have only performed a circle by by pulling backward and forward over a much smaller area. do not try to reset the compass near a power,radio, or television station should the vehicle battery(s) be disconnected, the compass must be reset again. hope this helps, soramad
  6. hi, i have just registered to the forum, i have a 1996 ssr-g 3lt turbo intercooled surf which i use for carting my carpentry kit around so its pretty loaded with the rear seats down, i also have a 1992 toyota/ lexus soarer uzz31 4lt for weekend amusement. i used to have a carina estate for carrying my kit but it used to have the posture of a motorboat so the surf was a much better choise.
  7. thanks bora sera most informative i will be calling my local toyota dealer to establish the cost of the light fittings
  8. hi guys don't have a celica but do have a V8 soarer , i have noticed that the celica rear foglights are mounted flush with the rear bumper, and as the soarer is an import and does'nt come in equiped with a foglight i thought this might be another option for an instillation , so can anyone out there let me know how the lamp is fixed to the rear is it fixed to the rear of the bumper or to the chassis behind the bumper ?
  9. soramad


    having recently purchased an estate version of the same car you have, i noticed a diognostic port is situated in the rear of the engine bay so i would have thought if you could get it to a toyota garage when showing the symptoms you describe ,they would be able to find the fault via this port. i would think you may have a faulty sensor somewhere ,but do'nt ask me which one!
  10. thanks for quick reply , yes the cable pushes the lever ok and the screw on the top moves with it , so you could be right about having to take out the valve
  11. hi guys i have just bought a corina 2ltr gli estate for work purposes , put the blower on while driving it home ,and regardless of where the hot /cold control was it always blew hot so switched it off and relied on ram air for cooling plus both windows down and sun roof open . had a quick look today all controls function correctly no broken or jammed cables the hot / cold control appears to turn a lever on top of what i assume is a valve of some sort ,could it be that that is stuck in the hot position ? if so other than the obvious of replacement, is there anything i can repair ,or doe's anyone have any other ideas as to what the problem could be. its ironic really my soarer has just had its aircon sorted ,now this!!
  12. if i thought i would get a realistic figure i would give it a try but there has got to be a lot of people with soarers out there who do'nt even know forums like this exist , or do'nt have computers ' or are just not interested.......... so on reflection i think i might be banging my head against a brick wall but someone somewhere must know how many have been imported . where are they modified for uk use? are there no records? the dvlc perhaps , how would one contact the correct dept?
  13. bob i always suggest to any body thinking of getting a soarer to thourouly investigate the soarers owners siteand all the links there in , nothing seems to be happening on there at the moment but its worth a visit there are no external fog lights on my soarer all built in but don't ask me how also the speedo is in mph but the trips are in kph you might try the american soarer or toyota sites they seem to like 3 ltrs but then they supercharge them turbocharge them and stick nitros oxide where air is supposed to go so why not have a big lazy v8 that goes without breaking . and very comfortable or a tt that was designed to do what it does well
  14. just out of interest does anybody out there know how many soarers are in this country has anybody ever done a survey ?
  15. to paul received soarer hand book today and am most impressed, covers everthing one would want to know about how and why things work, the only thing that is missing are the tyre pressures, but these are on the inside latch plate of the drivers door , so paul good on yer and thanks, well worth the money