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  1. Hello all, I'v just joined this forum (been meaning to for a while) and what d'ya know iv got a problem for all you glanza experts out there. I currently have just under 2 years no claims bonus and brought my car about a month ago for when the 2 year date comes around (march). Its a 1996 glanza V 1.3 turbo. I have taken it out a couple of times to keep her ticking over for about a 10 mile drive however.... on one of these drives the speedo just stopped reading. Its had a kph to mph conversion and i was stuck for ideas as to what it could be. Took it to my local garage and they said the cable needed to be replaced so i had the speedo cable replaced. Went in and worked like a dream, for about 5 mins... the garage i have taken it to done some further investigations and there now telling me that the part of the gear box that the sensor reads off isn't turning or is sticking hense the sometimes reading most of the time not. Has anyone got any ideas as to what i could look at doing or know of anyone who has had this problem before? Im really dissapointed as iv'e heard of toyota's reliability and am so far seeing no signs of it. After hearing the word "gearbox" im now worrying about cost as im streached for budget as it is being 20 with 2 years no claims. After reading all the insurance topics im still only finding a best insurance quote of £1700 fully comp with adrian flux. Any fedback at all regarding my speedo problem or better insurance deals will be greatly appreciated. cheers guys. sam