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  1. An update now that it this is diagnosed in case it helps others with the same problem. A survey by Toyota on the rest of this low mileage Yaris suggested it was probably worth going ahead. The Fault was the electrical switching mechanism within the MMT Shift and Select Actuator Assy Part Number T33960-52040 Qty 1. The component cost from Toyota was £794 plus 20% VAT. Total with Removal and Replacement was £1097. To summarise for Search Engines. Intermittent Fault about 5% of gear selections, MMT Yaris, Flashing N when selecting E or R and no drive will be in excess of £1000.
  2. Thank you Madasafish. I actually agree with your unhelpful reply on MMT and go further to say that the rest of the car that is attached to the gearbox is fairly awful even your precious d4d. I now regard the Yaris as a mobile skip having fallen for the Toyota Hype of reliability and customer service. Luckily I have a proper car that I dare to drive away from a bus route as it is made in Germany I now know the problem as Toyota got a diagnosis code somehow and the repair involves a component with electrical solenoids or relays attached to the manual box which they can repair but will be in the very high hundreds of pounds plus Labour. As this is more than the car is probably worth 55reg even with low mileage I wonder if anyone on the Forum would think it is worth doing. When I was waiting in the Service department............a salesman appeared........ Not very good timing was it ?
  3. Toyota YARIS MMT Gearbox 55 Reg Previous relevant history. Gearbox selection mechanism changed on warranty. Present Mileage only 16,000 1 Gear lever is in Neutral and showing N on display. Depress footbrake until engine is running smoothly . Release handbrake press footbrake and select E (or R) 2 The display instead of showing 1 or R just flashes N in the drive positions. 3 Reselection tried a number of times from 1 to N to R but still flashes N in the drive positions or a non flashing N in Neutral as normal. It will not engage gear and move. 4 If I turn the engine off I am then an unable to restart until the next day (as advised by Toyota Service Department) to let the brake pressure reduce overnight to enable the starter to engage. 5 Next day it may start and run normally through all the MMT gearbox gears and reverse and even the manual option. It will then randomly repeat the problem having worked during the day. 6 It has happened 5 times but is too unreliable to trust away from the house. Note I have tried both options in the handbook of depressing the switch on the gear lever with a screwdriver with ignition OFF and Ignition ON as sometimes it is stuck in gear but this does not release it. I can get it back to Neutral sometimes by jacking up the front right hand wheel and rotating it until solid and getting someone else to do the procedure in the handbook. If I try to push the car sometimes it is able to move and correctly in Neutral but still displays the flashing N when I select a gear. The Car is always correctly put in Neutral before switching the Ignition off and registering on the display as N. I hope this helps you to diagnose the fault which has happened about 5 times in 2 months. The car is obviously unusable in this condition and even happened when I was about to transport a hive full of bees.
  4. Got exactly the same December 2011, I see that no one has responded. I need to jack the car up rotate the front wheel. It then reports as being in 1st gear. Then insert a screwdriver in the small slot in front of the gear change.cycle from reverse to easy drive. Then it wall start as normal. It is a total pain and I would dread it happening on a motorway trying to start from stationary in a traffic jam.
  5. A 55 reg Toyota Yaris with an MMT gearbox. Put it into E and it may stall. It is then jammed in gear. It shows N for neutral on the display. I go through the procedure of ignition on, press the brake pedal and insert a screwdriver in the small slot on the front of the gear selector. I cycle the gear change between reverse and forward. Turn off the ignition foot on the brake and But the starter won't engage and the car is not in neutral but in gear as I can't push it forwards or backwards. Helpfully Toyota said if I bring it down they will look at it. How can I if it is jammed and won't start. I can resolve it by jacking up the front wheel then rotating the tyre. The indicator then shows 1 for first gear. The above procedure will then return to neutral and I can do a restart. I am scared to death that it will do this on a motorway when sitting in a traffic jam. It is ok doing all this in my driveway but not there. This only happens very occasionally but when it does it is a major temporary problem. Has anyone ever resolved this problem as surely I can't be the only Yaris MMT Gearbox owner that this has happened to ?
  6. Yaris 55 reg MMT. Starts OK all warning lights go out OK. I Press Brake, Engage E but the engine stalls. The Engine will not restart as the car is stuck in gear. Gear change moves back to neutral OK but the car is in gear and cant be pushed. Go through the routine in the handbook of ignition ON and pressing a spare key in the release mechanism and moving the gear to E or R or both. This allows a restart and then OK for a while. This was repaired on the warranty but I am not sure what they did but I am now out of warranty. Is this going to be expensive or can you just live with it. What exactly is happening when it does this ?
  7. Picture of 55 Reg Toyota Yaris Washer Motors The Black connection is the Front Washer The Red is the Rear Washer My local helpful garage ordered one from Toyota. He said it is the most expensive washer motor he has had to buy at £67.
  8. Thanks for the info. Yes I checked the nozzles. Got the Inner Mudguard liner out but the plastic fittings just crumbled away. I can now see there are two pumps but thanks for the drawing.
  9. This is odd ? The wipers and front and rear washers are on Fuse 14. The rear washer is working but the front is not. Is there a pump for each or a single pump serving both. Model is Yaris T3 MMT 3 door 55 reg. Also how do you get access to the washer bottle lower area. Do the mudguard inners pull off ? Thank you
  10. I typed in a lot more but it disappeared on the previous reply. Thanks anyway. Just found out how light the doors are when I opened it facing down a slope and whacked into the driveway brick wall. My normal car has two levels of resistance on opening so this took me by surprise.
  11. Hello and welcome to TOC My previous Yaris was a T3 MMT and was quoted to be more economical than the manual version as the MMT system selected the most economical gear for the given engine speed, thereby avoiding unnecessary overevving. I will have to see if I can dig out some of my original brochures (If I still have them) From memory my T3 MMT never dropped much below 50MPG and often achieved much better. Great little cars, much underated by the masses
  12. Yaris T3 MMT First Reg Dec 2005 1SZ-FE 998cc Petrol. Just bought this car but nowhere in the Owners Manual does it give any performance figures to compare to other small cars or even the New 2007 Yaris 998cc 3 Cyl Engine Can anyone let me know the things that are usually in the sales brochure for the 2005 model (4 cyl engine I believe) Urban MPG Combined MPG Din HP or KW/rpm Max Speed 0-62 mph thanks for reading