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  1. Shocks are £80.00 fronts and £40ish rear. I did it myself but had a quote for replacement at my local garage of £230.00 to replace all for if I supplied the parts.
  2. I had to replace all 4 shocks on mine at just over 3 years/55kmiles. Ride was noticeably harsh over bumps etc. got them off partsking for around £80 quid a shock I think. Misting quite bad on 3 of them . Replaced the 4th as I would never leave 1 old and fit 3 new.
  3. The same prices can be achieved on drive the deal on new vehicles and you will be the first owner. No idea who the dealer is, but not pre-reg cars. That says to me that dealers are having to discount to move em.
  4. Very good discounts. Brings the invincible auto down to a very similar price I paid for my Rav new 3.5 years ago. I wonder if that s some of the reasoning behind it? Dealers are realising that new buyers are baulking at the increase in price? I certainly did when the 3 years came up.
  5. They have a bit of a lip on them. Not measured them but I will change them anyway. Im happy with 60k out of them and for what they cost its not too big an outlay. The 4 shocks I had to put on a few months ago was a bigger outlay in both cost and time.
  6. I will probably get one and do it. It do fiddly belt changes at work on a regular basis. I'll do a write-up if poss. A big service coming up then... Oil,filters, etc New front discs and pads 2 new front tyres New belt.
  7. 60k service time in the next few weeks. Already got prices from Kingo on parts I need, but got to wondering about the auxiliary belts. When to change? The list is a fair size already so I was wondering if the belt change is now or later or do Toyota just go on 'condition'. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to changing things before failure etc (comes from work).
  8. Get one of these.... https://www.saneftolling.co.uk/what-is-liber-t Makes the tolls a dream in France and you can use the fast lane. The Peripherique is an experience at any time of day. Be decisive. Don't expect to be let in. The French don't do that. Not sure if Toyota Satnav does, but my TomTom on iPhone converts the Kph into Mph for you. A handy tool to have. Speed cameras are clearly marked so no worries there. Diesel on Autoroutes 2 weeks ago was 1.48 a litre. Off Autoroute in town I filled at a BP garage for 1.31 a litre. I averaged 48.1 over my 2100 miles 2weeks ago with a fair bit of
  9. P.S i always stick with original Toyota parts.
  10. I have just replaced 4 shocks on my 59 plate Rav. The ride had become choppy and seriously bumpy. The change in ride quality is huge. Wasnt too bad a job. A 1h30 for the fronts and a 1hr45 for the rears.
  11. Its a subjectof greater intetest than it first appears (for me anyway).
  12. What i meant was... If racing you'd take your tyre pressure reading after a few hard laps when the tyre was warm. When a tyre warms, air inside warms and pressure increases. Why then do we take road car pressures cold? Also.... A general rule of thumb. For every 10 faranheight change in temp, expect a 1psi decrease/increase in tyre pressure. I left the Uk on Thurs. The ambient temp was 59 degrees on Thurs when i set 32psi. Today its 80.6 ambient and my tyres are in direct sunlight. I would say my pressures are going to be 2-3psi higher now than when i set them in the UK.
  13. Tyre pressures have always interested me. If you were racing round a track, you want to take your pressure reading as 'dynamic' after a few hard laps. If you check road tyres cold and set 32psi after running around France (where i am now) the air temp is 27 so road temp will be higher, what would the dynamic pressure be?
  14. Nobody is questioning that regular oil change is best practice. Problems arise when the oil has been in situ for a looonnngggg period of time and is changed. This can induce failure where leaving the oil in situ would not.
  15. Yep keep a close eye on oil level and usage if any.
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