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  1. You mean the one that has the 2 smaller pipes coming off going to the idle up and breather pipes under the intercooler? If so i have a spare one i could send to you cheap?
  2. I bought a straight intake and i'm having trouble fitting it to my st185. I have a baileys dv30 recirculating dump valve and want to add this to the circuit but the car won't start now. Any ideas? My setup is this: Dump valve - Straight Intake Straight intake - pipe nearest turbo underneath i/c Pipe furthest from turbo underneath i/c - breather filter I know that the pipes underneath the i/c are idle up and pcv iirc. But unsure which way round these are. Could my problem lie here? Or do i need a straight intake with 3 outlets? Regards George
  3. Anyone recommend a good one? I'm looking at baileys dv30 or forge 007
  4. Sweet!! I'm thinking of getting one as its a cheap upgrade when you think about it
  5. I see a lot of people in st185's using aftermarket ecu's eg Link G3, Blitz Access, Motec etc. But why don't more people use Emanage ultimate? I understand that installing an aftermarket ecu to a 185 has many benefits like better maps but one of the main ones has to be to get rid of the afm, so why don't more people use them? Looked on ebay and there's ultimates going for around £250-£300 inc delivery. Much cheaper option imo. I know this is still a piggyback unit, but tbh, if i had the choice, i'd go for the Greddy as i'm not looking for crazy power. Anyone's views on this would be gratefully received ;)
  6. Anyone know what diameter it is? Hoping someone will say 70mm The part where it connects to the induction hose? Its an st185 btw
  7. Yes you can mate. You can either weld one on to one of the fmic pipes ( nearest to the throttle body is best ) or put the t piece in between two pipes and use it as a joiner
  8. About to fit one of these, just wondered what the diameter needs to be of the hoses from turbo to straight intake, then straight intake to afm? will be junking the afm when funds allow for aftermarket ecu ;) cheers
  9. Might sound like a silly question but if i take the oil filter off to fit a sandwich plate, do i then have to change the oil??? Gonna get oil pressure and oil temperature so i think a sandwich plate will be a lot easier, they're only about £20 off ebay. I'm guessing that the take off on the plate are marked so you don't wire pressure to temp and vice versa???
  10. Gonna be getting one of these soon, any ideas on how i hook it up to the engine? I've heard sandwich plates been mentioned, is this necessary or can i wire it in without one?
  11. Please keep replies specific to the post. If you wanted the answer to your question, you should have started a new thread.
  12. Ok i've got an aftermarket boost gauge on a single pod, but looking to get an A pillar one with 3 pods. What would people put on the other 2 other than boost? Oil Pressure? Oil Temperature? AFR? Exhaust Temp? Water Temperature? I'd like 1 for oil but not sure which one. Could someone list their importance in order please? For the record, i'm not going for crazy power in my st185. It's my daily driver too, so need to keep an eye on the stuff that matters
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