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  1. You will need to unclip/screw the rear plastic arch covers(under shields) from the bumper, this is done from inside the wheel arch. There are two 10mm bolts on the underside supporting the lower section of the bumper to the body the lower section is just held on with clips along the join line of the plastic part of the bumper so could now be seperated. Its not that difficult to take the whole bumber off, possible will reduce the chance of breaking any clips. As above ref under sheilds and the two bolts at the bottom, then undo two 10mm bolts at the top of the bumper lift up tailgate then you w
  2. http://www.bodyshopwarehouse.co.uk/default...39&cat=&prodid= Attached link sells these lower panels for approx £30 new. As afr as painting need to key the panel with 1200 wet and dry, then possibly best to get some etch primer , then base coat with the paint and finally laquer. As this is a seperate small panel using spray paint from can will possibly be ok but for a professional finish you could take along to a body shop and get this sprayed with 2 pack paint
  3. To clarify Both bumpers are T Sport, front bumper has been meshed so no fog lamps fitted unless I get a offer on genuine T sport fogs. Require clear fog lamp for rear to match the reversing light which I can obtain from the dealer, Yaristpot is obtaining this for me in the new year so looking forward to this. Still considering aftermarket bumpers but unsure at this moment. Hope this has now clarified CDXyaris
  4. This converstaion was refering to rear bumper not front I think this is claer now!
  5. Yaristpot Appology accepted I thought I had upset you excellent news that you can obtain Vmail yes to a CDX but with T sport bumpers and few other mods
  6. Jaxx thanks if only It is for a T sport bumper I have sent numerous pm's to Yaristpot after being advised that he could get me one of these but I have not seen responses to these, hence my request to others if they could help. thanks CDXyaris
  7. I am after a clear fog lamp but do not know where to get these from I have had a couple of offers from people on this site but everytime I ask to proceed evrything goes quite. If you could help I would appreciate even if you could advise what the part number is from Japan, I will get these direct Any help would be appreciated. thanks CDXyaris
  8. Has any one got any "E " marked lexus lights as every where I check say they are approved but no supplier after checking has been able to confirm their lights are "e" marked. I do not want to buy a set just for shows or to have in the Garage. If you have a set with the correct marking could you confirm where you purchased these from. many thanks CDXyaris
  9. can you get custom grills? soyou can have mesh and not the standard hole effect?
  10. Im talking about the grill on the bonnet just below the badge, any ideas?
  11. Has anyone changed the front grill intomesh on their yaris, how did you do this do you have any pictures? Thanks in advance
  12. Wanted fog lamps for both front and back bumpers for a yaris T sport
  13. Wanted a set of fogs lamps for the front and rear bumpers for a yaris T sport bumper?
  14. Hi I noticed in my CDX yaris there was a button for satalite navigation i hear you can buy a CD to get it to work,is this true? If so where can i get myself a CD and is it worth it? Thanks in advance :D
  15. Hi I have a standard yaris and recently brought the front and back t sport bumpers, i like the bumpers but i would like to customise them, has any one got any ideas? I really like the veilside front bumper http://www.veilside.com/veilsideusa/aero/t.../toyo/vitz.html i noticed this is similar to the standard t sport bumper although where there is usually mesh the veilside has a sort of splitter, any ideas of achieving this look quite cheaply? Also as my yaris is 5door im having difficulty finding some noce side skirts so any help with that will be greatly appreciated Hope to hear from you soon
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