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  1. nest

    Rav4 Music Club

    Thanks, mate! It's just me doing all the stuff, this way I can do it the way I want! :) Actually, making music it's one of my hobbies, and every good song it's a challenge for me to try to cover...
  2. nest

    Rav4 Music Club

    I have "High Hopes" that you will enjoy my cover...:)nest - Pink Floyd "High Hopes" cover
  3. Being a bycicle rider myself, I can only salute you! I take my father from time to time for a 40 -50 km trip, with our folding bikes: Brompton (father) and Dahon (me). Great engineering. And we took them everywere.
  4. Igor, we also have this tradition. You must "wet" the car, as we say here. :) And even more, some people use to "sanctify" the car, with the priest and all that, tradition used more often with homes. :) Enjoy your Toyotas!
  5. Many of us heard a lot of people saying that one. And many of us take the Integrated Active Drive System for granted. "Aha, it's another gizmo for the market". Actually, things are a liiitle bit different. Check this out. I loved the trajectory of the Kuga and the brakes on the Tiguan...:):):)
  6. My guess: this is the manager's car, he simply wants to get out of business and this was the shortest way...:) Did anyone from the dealership seen it, or are they blind?...
  7. nest

    Rav4 Off-road

    I'm glad you like it! Dippy, it's really cool in Bucharest!:) If you're going to a movie, or a show, you have to get on your way with at least two hours earlyer!:) Even than you're not shure that you'll be on time to se the begining!:) The infrastructure is way outdated by the continuous growth of vehicles. Twenty years ago was ok, but now it's much easier to go where you want by foot or with public transportation - subway...
  8. nest

    Rav4 Off-road

    I've made a little video. Enjoy.
  9. nest

    Rav4 Off-road

    On R4W guys were complaining also about the status of their roads! Man, I thought here in Romania are the whors possible roads! At least, they should put a sign: "If you don't have a 4x4 and it's raining, you should turn back! For your own safety!" The road tax it's a long story overhere...Every year a tax, also a tax within the price of fuel, and so on. Still, in 10 years they've made 5km of highway...:):):)
  10. nest

    Rav4 Off-road

    Thanks, man!
  11. nest

    Rav4 Off-road

    Someone said in a drive test report that about 90% of SUV users never leave the conventional roads. Pitty, in my humble opinion. Before changing the M&S tyres to summer ones, I've adventured with my brother in law (with his X-trail) to this great off-road expedition. And a little drive test. Conclusion: the X-trail passed the bumps more confortable! :) And again, it's a pitty if you don't let your RAV4 play a little in the mud!:) Here are some pics- captures from the video.
  12. Thanks! I'll keep you informed about the evolution of this case. I found something here, thanks to shcm: What I can understand is that they reprogram the ECU this way: modify ECU logic to prevent EGR valve from monitoring below 0 grade C, and change detection logic, so that sticking does not trigger DTC unless failure of valve has occured (timing of sticking detection increased). Still, the warranty is 3 years or 60.000 miles/100.000 km. Should this reprogramming be sufficient? It will, for me, if I don't see the dashboard display lights again!:)
  13. The message poped up again. I went to the dealer, checked up the car's computer. "It's from the deposits on the EGR pipes". Got them cleaned, let's hope they will not get messy again. Causes? As Anchorman said, either from the fuel, either from the driving style. I asked them if they know something about a new valve. They said that the new engine D-4D with 150 hp comes with an electro-valve, wich cleans itself by vibration. The valve on the current RAV was a mechanical one (so, you have to "vibrate" it by yourself :) ). So, for now, all looks great. I will not keep the rev's under 2000, and let's hope the messages won't pop up again. At least, not very soon. Anchorgod (as I like to call you :):):) ), you said something about Toyota being aware of this problem. Do you know where I can find something official about that? Ok, they extended the warranty, but for what? Will they replace the valve with a new one, with the same characteristics? Or replace the EGR sensor?... Is there a possibility of replacing the valve with an electro-valve?