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  1. 296 BUCKS FOR A CAMRY LOCK MECHANISM :ffs: a plastic roller broke. what bull**** :censor:
  2. does the idle drop when you press the brakes ?? if your cars idle drops when you press the brakes you have a vacuum leak.
  3. do you have a sunroof ? if the drain holes are stopped up, the sunroof will leak.
  4. our camry engine light comes on when you turn on the cruise control sometimes. its a throttle position sensor, ive just not replaced it yet.
  5. i have a simular problem. please look at my thread as well :) http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=ST&f=8&t=14261
  6. one minute it worked fine, the next.. nothing. the key was put intot he lock to unlock the door, but the key only went 1/2 way in. a few jimmies and still nothing. opened the passenger door and reached over to unlock the drivers side and it does nothing. the 'lock tab' flips but the door wont open. the key will not open the door, the electric lock will not 'unlock' the door (but the lock tab moves). the inside handle will not open the door. the inside handle does not close all the way now either. im really in a pinch here .. the door is not only locked, but closed. ive not figured out any way to get the door open to remove the panel to see whats up inside. any help would be greatly needed :)
  7. this may be helpful to others here. the problem with our camry transmission was the speedometer sensor. it seems that if this sensor is not reading corretly, the trans will disengage (or the lockup wont lock). our trans would only actup when the speedometer was reading zero. one tranny place said the trans was bad and it would cost 1200.00 to replace (im sorry sir, but your 2nd and 3rd gear is going bad) the part that fixed it cost just under 250.00 (from the dealer of course) and took about 15 minutes to install (one bolt and one harness). our family mechanic did the install for 20.00 (but i did not pay him ... he said not to worry about it :D ) it took about 3 days of troubleshooting off and on before our machanic said to go buy this part (family mechanics are as important as family doctors .. find you a good one and keep him .. sweet things help as well - Xmas card, valentines gift.. :D ). pics of part and part number (scanned) - www.barney3d.com/cadster/junk/part.jpg www.barney3d.com/cadster/junk/bag.jpg i hope this helps others ... do not fall for the 'trans is bad' scam. the orginbal thread of the problem - http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=ST&f=8&t=8436&
  8. do camrys have fusable links ? i had a old dodge truck that had one of these things (it was a small wire leading from the battery). it had a loose conncection at the battery post and would not start sometimes .. it took forever to figure out this little wire was the problem. just an idea.
  9. thanks james... about the trans slipping - i thought hard driving would make it slip. ours seems to act up only when you drive easy. it runs great when driving hard (how i drive). about the computer - does the camry have two computers ? one for the engine and the other for the trans ? or are they one in the same ? our tranny has three sensors ... would it be worth changinfg these out .. could one of these be bad and it be the problem ?
  10. 1995 camry wagon V6 LE Our camry wagon has developed a very annoying tranmission problem over the holidays. its hard to describe, so bear with me :) ECT button out (normal driving) Overdrive on - if you take off from a light easy and just cruise down the road, at about 40/45mph the speedomitter drops to zero and the tranny starts shifting between 2nd and 3rd (or this is the feeling) ... the speed does not drop but the RPMs go up. you can feel the tranny shifting, but it never seems to keep its gear or keep in a single gear. if you let off the gas it shifts into the lower gear and stays, if you give it gas it shifts into gear and accelerates. ECT button in (performance) Overdive on - same thing, but it does it much less. The speedomitter always drops to zero when it starts this acting up. ECT in either setting and Overdrive Off - almost never does it, but it still does it (like this makes any sense). hills dont effect it when it acts up. weather does not effect it. When you take off from a light hard or generally accelerate to get to speed it NEVER does it. only when your drivng slow or accelerating slow. The fluid is at the proper level and the fluid is good (not burnt). She shifts into forward and reverse just fine and once you get over 50mph the sppedomitter works and everything is fine. You can always tell when the tranny is going to (or is) acting up because the speedomitter always drops to zero right before it starts this lost gear thing. any ideas ???
  11. IF you still have this antenna AND it will fit on a 1995 camry wagon, I would be interested in. our antenna just went out. the motor works but its gears are bad.. the antenna does not raise or lower, it just makes this horrible ratchet sound. cadster_3d@yahoo.com
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