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  1. GhostRider

    Dash Help

    ok, i just recieved a mr2 mk1, and the interior needs a little work, i was wondering about a button on the dashboard. Its underneath, the wiper switch at the bottom. The wires are there to hook it up, just no button. If anyone knows what it is for i would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I plan on getting a k&n filter. I bought a cd of ebay too, it has over 1000+ pages of stuff for my mr2. Good deal, condidering a toyota book would cost me over 100 dollars.
  3. so a rev one is a mark 1? i have an 89.
  4. I have a high lift, they will work with most any 4x4. It should work.
  5. Whats a rev 1? Im new to mr2's.
  6. It might be the transmission, i dunno, mine did this when you acclereated hard when cold, i just let it warm up first, i have a 86 22rtec 4x4. And a mr2 mk1.
  7. No problem, how much would a 4agze engine cost me?
  8. Its for a 4agze engine, one with a super charger.
  9. I get about 30 extra hp from that, right? My friend makes fun of me cause of the car. Ill show him on the street.
  10. Ok, i could just add a different pulley system if i wanted more power. This is my first car, i had a turbo 4x4 first, and this thing is a blast to drive.
  11. GhostRider

    New Here

    Just saying hi, i recieved a mr2 aw11, 89, for graduation and was lookin to hoin a good toyota board. Im thinking of dropping a s/c engine in it, but i want to do the 20 valve conversion. Any info on it would be great.
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